Welcome to my real and virtual world

It's so wonderful to share my thoughts (a few of them), my creative moments I have in music (it's rarely possible to express that way and share it 'cause it's a lot of work - but believe me - I love it!) and last not least photography (what I see in an image is an short moment of life that can be expressed in so many different ways). That's why I migrated from VOX. If you like my work, tell it your friends and if not.... please tell it me. I 'm blogging for your eyes, ears and good taste - Enjoy!


Good Morning Peeps

lots of speccled noise on my photos at Facebook. Wanna test if it’s better here.20140308-DSC_10992

True Soccer Music


Good Morning…

Tass Kaff

I’m in the test mode….

Nikon D 5000 vs. Nikon D7100

both tested with Sigma 70-200 mm 1/2,8 + Sigma 2.0 converter. There is a little difference in fact….

Moon D 5000

Mond D 7100

Still Practising

… makes sense *smile*


(same gear I used @ image “honeymoon moon – scroll down, but I changed the settings)

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