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No success…

I got some bad news yesterday. My friend could recover a lot of my files but only those I still had on my old harddisk. That means I can forget nearly all of my more than 1000 photos I shot during our vacation at the North Sea, in Bremen, Hamburg and several other places we visited at that time. The last chance I have is if we try to recover a part of them – definitely not all – deleted files from my SD-card. We'll try it next tuesday.

The other way to check if anything can be recovered from the harddisk is too expensive in fact! For that money I have to pay only checking if there is any chance to recover the  files I lost costs about 200 or 300 € and to recover them may be the price for a set of flashlights and a 70-200mm 1:2,8 macro zoom lens from Nikon (!)… And that's a bit too much…

The locations are not that far away and nothing can stop me to make some little trips to these locations again… except of my back-pain… and the photos only can become better, right?   😉

Now the weather makes me feel that it is late October, I'm under medical treatment because of severe back-pain since monday but fortunately it has become better in the meantime. That was the reason I haven't been in the web the last days 'cause it hurt when I was sitting at my computer.

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That’s why I love the light!

always busy……

… my bumblebee in lavender

the sun is back.
I'll get out now.

See you tomorrow!

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a rainy day….

We collect our strength for more outdoor activities

for the days to come…

… and the flowers are in urgent need of rain…

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Are you superstitious?

Friday 13th.
It began grey


then the sunrays pervaded
the misty air and spent
some beautiful light.

I had to leave my home
for some shots outside.
In this case –


Enjoy your weekend!

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Once upon a time – it was 1972 – the british group Soft Machine demonstrated that they are 20 years too soon by composing this unique peace of music. Keywords like "Autogenous Training" or "Chilll Out" – things that came much later into fashion I didn't know when I was 17 years old. I purchased that record once and after my divorce it was one of my extensive record collection my wife sold – only to harass me…

At 2005 – when I started to enter the digital music world by creating songs on FL step sequencer – it came into my mind to reproduce this wonderful loop Carl Jenkins of Soft Machine once created only to feel this magic moments I had once in my time as a young guy. At that time this song was not to purchase. So I created my own thing of this loop after I've been in Deya/Mallorca at 1999 – just before I went apart from my wife. Deya has been a place where the musicians of Soft Machine had a very creative phase in the late sixties/early seventies (the so called Canterbury Scene). This place changed my life. That's why my tune is called "Deya Dreams" – a flashback to a wonderful time I had when I was a young guy…

Have an ear if you like…

Similarities in my composition are consiously favored – the modes in harmonies too   😉

# 1 Soft Machine "The Floating World"
# 2 Realworld "Deya Dreams"

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One step outside……

Thank God It’s Weekend!!!!

Time to make a little update what's going on at the storks' nest. Meanwhile our two youngsters are checking out what wings are for…

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Sooooo fine….

…. that my new computer works again. Here's a test – made in Photoshop CS 4. Enjoy

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Vacation is over….

bumblebee on lavender

Shit happens!

We spent a wonderful time on several places around our home: Hamburg, Elbe river and the North Sea were our destinatons. I collected about 1100 photos on my external harddisk which I ordinarily use for backups (my computer was out of order – I purchased a new one). Now I tried to upload them but must see that nothing is on the harddisk, though I checked them all with our lappy. Hundreds of wonderful shots I made in the wadden sea vanished somewhere in the kingdom come…..

Well I thought I have some new stuff to post but – sorry – temporarly nothing exciting from me except a shot of a bumblebee edited as 1920×1080 wallpaper for 16:9 full HD screen.

Best wishes to you all for a nice start into the following week!

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