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lots of shots 1

I came back home a few minutes after doing my job – a documentary that shall go over about 2 months: an old crane should be restored and I’m asked to follow the people working at that crane and make a photo documentary about their work.  Nice job – I love it. Now it’s time to store and edit the photos. I’m so glad that I purchased a new flash (a Nikon speedlight SB 600)  that I used as a slave because of the difficult light.  Some very dark and shady places where they work and blazing sun on the other side and this little helper is so easy to handle YAY! I had a lot of fun and the light was good. Some shots later when I stored edited and converted them….

See Ya!

… and here a shot I made in the early morning – for musicians “very early” or” too early”  😉 Some indian summer mood without golden leafs…

stepping out my housedoor