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An attempt of posting a youtube video

For the Ex-Voxers – most of you know this video 😉
For those who don’t know it  some facts:

We call the project “Go For 2” The name of the song is “Valle Gran Rey”.

My friend plays the lead electric guitar (a Gibson “Les Paul”) for the melody and made some improvisations over the groove. Additionally he played  some acoustic guitars and arranged the funky part of the song.

I play the second electric guitar ( a “Strat”) – the second voice on the melody track, the keyboards, synthesizers, drums and percussion (most of that stuff on a step arranger), not to forget some acoustic guitars and the vocals.

The backline arrangements and my vocals I recorded  at my home. The additional lead instruments and the other acoustic and electric guitars were recorded at my friend’s studio where we also produced it and made the final mix.

And here it is!

Thank you for your tutorial freedomsmith, but I have only a link on my post – no image…

What was the mistake I made?

My first impressions when I checked the file (particularly interesting for Ex-Voxers):

1. the quality of the video is much better!

2. I never heard such a authentic sound – so near to the master file we produced as a wav.file

3. It may take some time to upload the stream – particularly the best (720 pixels) version – so what!?

kindest regards

NMS Concert

… last saturday we had an event at the “Neue Musikschule” (new music school) in my hometown, where the audience lived to see various kind of styles how you can express in music. It was a teachers’ concert where some of the music teachers present their favorite music. By the way a cello teacher told me that we opened his ears for Rock ‘n Roll ;-).  Feels like a “knightly accolade” for me. By the way he will arrange an appointment in Hamburg for us. We are still looking for new venues to play…. Back to the event. Full house and a great mood in the audience although it was hard for some friends of classical music to listen to heavy metal stuff as well as the ancient stuff presented on flute or cello for the Rock ‘n Rollers. But whhat this evening made unique was the diversity and the way the musicians presented their stuff. And at last it was the passion that communicated the great world of black and white music….

What I missed as a photographer (I made some portrait shots of the musicians for their private albums – sorry, no postings permitted – I promised that) was some more light from the front… Here one shot a friend of mine made of me and two no-portrait-shots where I tried to play with the rest of light that was available 😉