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dear friends – sorry for the very few comments and replies from me but I have to ask you…

… something you maybe can’t answer. I for one am waisting my time for things like (the questions will say that)….

– why do I spend too much  time for posting one photo to the Photo-Quest group today (without any success)?

– why do I need more time for editing my posts  than for the words (see above)?

– why does something not work as it usually has to?

– why do so many people tell about sth. they want to do – and do not do that?

– why does a friend critisize my “absense” after never reacting on my comments and replies?

– why do I have the feeling that I’m wasting my time for things that are less important than the contents of a blog?

– why does the proofreader tool mark the word “Photomerge”?

by the way the photo has nothing to do with the content of this entry. I only placed it here to post it to another blog by using the URL – after I tried the URL ofjthis picture from  my library. In both tryings I had no success and it made me feel that I’m waisting my time again to try to make a post.

– (this question will follow tomorrow)