Robert Moog

Today it would be his 78th birthday.

His legendary synthesizers are still in my ears. A few years ago I heard it on stage played by Jordan Rudess @ a Dream Theater Gig in Hamburg. That really made me remember the great times with Yes (Rick Wakeman) and ELP (Keith Emerson) in the early and mid-seventies….

Not to forget the Fender Rhodes or Wurlitzer Pianos and the Hammond B3…

All analogue instruments – like the music itself


One response

  1. Well I am a great fan of synthesizers and electronic music and of course, Robert Moog STILL is an influential legend.

    I’m waiting for the day, though, when we have the precision and ease of software-based digital instruments that sound as good as hardware-based analog ones. I grabbed Ssss (Vince Clarke and Martin Gore as VCMG), and it’s another great example of how there’s just no equal-sounding substitute for analog, yet.

    2012/05/27 at 3:40 am

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