Something about me….

 Hafen Nachtpano web
I was born in 1955 in a small and more than 1000 years old town near Hamburg
called Buxtehude that I share with about 40,000 inhabitants.

My passions are music and photography.
After I received the message that the world’s best network of Six Apart is closing the gates, I came over here to WordPress (like most of my friends)
but I’m still nestling here while working hard in my little world (yes, the period between September and October  demands a lot from me!),
so the following words are particularly for my friends:
I’m sure we’ll meet each other again – on another place…
See Ya, Guys and Gals!!!

about my  musical life…


I play bass and guitar and I’m singing a bit and have a lot of joy…
–    with my group “Blackout” playing some hard-rock and heavy metal.
–    with “Go For Two”, a project with my old friend. We make some world fusion music
     my gear

–   electric basses from Warwick  (4-string) and Yamaha (5-string)
–   an electric upright (an “SWB light” by Aria)
–   a bass full stack (Warwick)
–   a step arranger and virtual recording studio (FL7 producer’s edition)
–   microphones (Sennheiser)

 … and photography

– my eyes and my heart decide what I shoot.
 – I love to be on scavenger hunts with good friends
     my gear

–   a Nikon D 5000
–   a Nikon DX 18-105 mm 1 : 3,5-5,6 zoom lens
–   2 Nikon 1 : 1,8 prime lenses: 35 and 50 mm
–   an AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm 1 : 4,5-5,6 G
–   a Sigma EX macro-zoom 70-200mm 1:2,8
–   a Sigma 2:1 converter
–   Sigma 10-20 mm 1 : 4 – 5,6
–   Nikon SB 600/SB 900  flashes
–   a Panasonic DMC FS 3 which was my first digital camera
–   editing software: Photoshop CS4 and View NX 2

 … at least… If you have to tell me something, here you can!




2 responses

  1. Le monde de Sergio

    My dear,

    Welcome on WordPress I guess you will forget soon the Vox platform. Sergio

    2010/09/19 at 7:06 am

  2. paikea

    Wow. Your blog is absolutely stunning. You took to WP just fine, obviously. I just started playing the bass in January (I also play the piano, violin and percussion. I’m having some sort of mental block learning the fret notes (the strings are backwards from the violin) – although I can play by ear really well – lol.

    You might be interested in The site is run by one of my really good friends (mkirkd), who is a photographer also. She just runs this site to give us all something to do. I just like taking pictures, but it looks like you’re way beyond that. Hope you have a great weekend!

    2010/10/14 at 5:00 pm

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