Sometimes I really want to know what’s going up in her little soul….

Wish you all had a wonderful Whit Weekend!

> 30° C in the shade…..

… too hot. So Tony found the coolest place in the house – the dorm.

Kari again (1920×1080 px.)

“La Guerre Des Boutons”

Our two little  “furry ladies” played “War Of The Buttons” this morning. Here you can see the result…..


Lazy Sunday

Blue Monday

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… not that blue 😉


Have a sunny start into this week!

First Day Of Spring


Spring Fever II.

Spring Fever???

… not yet but I’ve got the feeling that something’s changing inside/outside…


feel with me 🙂



It’s dark and grey….

… my computer has been to the “doctor” again and I had little chances to make my work. It took a long time for my admin to solve the problems I have with my computer. Meanwhile lots of photos are waiting to be  edited. I had no chance to work on my orders ’cause our laptop does not have the performance for CS 4 (and the screen isn’t good enough). OK I thought, I’ll make a short trip to my friend in Stade to edit my images on his work station – no chance… OK next question: “What about the money I get from you?” – neither a concrete answer nor any money transfer (and I’m still waiting for my payment more than one month!)… That’s what I call collaboration *lol*… Here some photos I made on a live performance of a band called “Heartrock” (a “Heart” tribute band) for their homepage. They purchased only 104 shots…

At the same time I revivified some old contacts to friends I lost at the time I was married – they are professional musicians. I was lucky ’cause there are some groups and one musical project they need a bass player for. The project is something between songwriting and jazz-swinging stuff, one group plays some blues/r&b and one other is band that plays 70’s rock and is performing mostly on bikers events and sth. like that. Lots of notes and some cd’s arrived my home and I have to practise a lot.

The next thing is that one of these friends has too much work and he has no time to do all that. As he told me his better half sometimes asks him “pleased to meet you sir but who are you? ;-)? Could be dangerous, right? That’s why he asked me to make some booking for the groups me made that job for. I talked to my love about that because there are a lot of tasks coming up to me and if our private life will make some changes because I’m more on tour now I think it’s better to discuss this before I make my own decision… Last not least we are two. OK this was solved last weekend. The computer is repaired and I’m back again *yay*….

More about my experiences the following days….

BTW the blog title applies only to the weather. It’s rainy, dark and the snow melt away. There has been only one sunny day up til now this year what is 23 days old in the meantime. So we were out that sunday to relish this day in the nature. Here some shot made in the shade…

Now I have to go back to my work. Lots of e-mails have to be answered and the telephone is my best friend at the moment. I wish to stay more often here with you all but temporarily time is not by my side. I’ll do my very best to change it.

See Ya!

A New Discovery – The First Snow

… Yes, snow is a new thing for our two girlies. This is the first time they were outside after some snow fell last night. Last year they were still too young and we were too afraid of that they may not come back (some of you may remember the story about our tomcat whom we lost without a trace and he was found again 3 months later).

The end of my weekend…

… was very short. The weather was good enough to start some outdoor activities f. eks. preparing the flowers and plants outside for winter and to fix up the terrace. I was too dirty to grab my camera – and there was no reason for it in fact. Late in the evening – we were bored by advertising TV every 20 minutes (OMG that sucks),  each over 10 minutes (!!!!!!)  – Instead of zapping over to other channels I made some shots with my 70-200mm lens what had the fine effect that I could make some exercises to keep it calm 😉

… and here they are:

Have some sunny days (something I’m missing)….

Mug Shot of Tony… and sth. ’bout the last week

… and a portrait of her and her sister Kari – our housemates…

… and something about last week..

I survived

these long and hard days and nights. Well the one who saved me was my friend – the photographer – who cancelled two jobs he asked me to be with to assist him.  So my time schedule was not that tight.  At least the “Easy Moving” Session was wonderful. We played more than four hours and I met a lot of old friends I didn’t see for years at that event. It was a fine place to reactivate good old contacts without talking about things like “Once upon a time in the stone age” 😉

It was worth that to practise and make rehearsals for that event  – f. eks. I played my upright bass on “Riders On The Storm”. I know that this sounds good (different!) but the audience was surprised about that sound – they loved it – for lots of them it was a new experience – and I was asked to play in another band what means MORE  GIGS!!!  And I love to play live on stage ’cause that’s the place where music really happens  not on i-tunes 😉

So clear that we’ll make it again – next year


Here you can see the place where it happened (at the center of the image that follows)

Some more shots will follow when and if I receive the photos a guy made on the event (and I feel they’ll be great)…

I really hope for you that….

… time is by your side. I’m in urgent need to recreate now! Next week the days will be very long for me. Usually I can spend my time to recover in the evening hours – not so next week:

Monday (and I’m only talking about the evenings now!):  preparing for some photosessions I’ll have together with my friend and some models (some special shootings we’ll make in a studio)…

Tuesday:  Meeting with my guys for our new project “The Formerly Unknown” we’re starting now and it will be finished December ’11 (my job is the musical leadership and coaching the bands)!

Wednesday: last rehearsal for the “Easy Moving” Jubilee Concert

Thursday: Last rehearsal for my band “Blackout” for the Saturday Showcase at New Music School

Friday: Preparing for Saturday

Saturday:  Showcase at NMS in the afternoon (3 hrs.) and Easy Moving Jubilée Concert in the evening

Sunday: I’ll be dead 😉

I’ll try to stay tuned – See ya! … and have a nice Halloween Weekend!!!

one more shoot I made yesterday (a little “encore”)

… one attempt of a HDR at the very early morning in my hometown at the railway station

and another one of the famous Bacardi works that supplies Europe and the eastern world with rum and whisky…

Rock ‘n Roll at the Duckpond…

… action within 10 seconds

not only  for the ducks but also for me 😉

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and a little Halloween messenger as an onlooker

… and I’ll check out to find some grease-paint tomorrow.

ENJOY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of 200 RAW’s I converted to JPEG’s today…

… and their big sisters

Holy crap – sorry for that but I love to be honest and that’s the only way I can express what I feel… It was a long time I spent on my computer today. OK the shots were ok what means there were nearly no edits to make before I converted them. But on the other side some other things had to be done (and I could do them while my computer is working – the “View NX 2”  converter is very slow I suppose)…

– wash the dishes *sic*

– ironing *sic*

– home health care – my love caught a gastric flu *sic*

– go shopping (empty fridge) *sic*

– drive to the car wash – a little attempt of escape without success *sic*

I realized that it takes a loooong long time to convert photos from RAW to JPEG and I asked myself “does it make any sense to do that (a few weeks ago I read in some forum thatit don’t mean a thing if you edit your RAW or JPEG-files… So I said to myself “Take a file and optimize it in RAW and then go to Photoshop to edit it, then take the same files, convert them as it is and try to do the very best with them only in Photoshop”.

And the result is – you can believe me – I’ll never shoot in JPEG again. After five *sics* now a *YAY* ’cause this day ended good for me at last

Good night fellas,

c u tomorrow!

Duck in the Port of Stade – and some more…

This vain male mallard caused a nice intermission for me while I was shooting for a documentary about a crane that will be restored here in the port.

By the way Stade is a very old and beautiful town – not that far away from my hometown. Here a panorama stitch of 8 shots of the little port the duck (seen above) felt so good 😉

the following stitch I made from the other side of the harbor basin (from a position near the two ships on the right who lay in a package)

By the way the centre of Stade is very picturesque. Here my first – and I think succesful – attempt of making a stitch with my point & shoot in febrary last year…

OK back to the harbor… Here some more shots.

If you look at the right hand side of the first panorama you’ll see a ship with a red and green hull. It’s the “Greundiek” what means “green dike” . I had permission to enter the bridge of this museum ship to take some pictures from the “seaside” ;-).

They have a lot of hard work to keep the ship in good shape. It’s a permanently fight against rust. My respect to all these guys who keep that ship in shape and keep it up and running…

Check out the rudder house…

affectionately restored – like all parts of this ship

It was a great joy to show you a part of my little world. Thanks  in advance for your heed!

I lay down on the ground….

… I remembered that this  was a title I used last year in the spring at Vox…

and that’s a way to find some new perspectives…

have a nice weekend!

Sep. 23. – The Day After…

Time to grab my new lens – a Sigma EX 70-200mm 1:2,8 – and make some exercises in free hand shooting what means for me “keep the camera calm – OOOOOOOOOOOOM…”. This lens has no image stabilisator and the same lens from Nikon was a bit too expensive for me. But I wanted the performance – NOW!!!!

# 1 – Our cat Tony (hard to catch):

f = 110 mm

F 2,8

1/640 sec.

ISO 800

# 2 – Critter On The Rose – a crop

f = 160 mm



ISO 800

Heron’s Breakfast in the Marsh…

August 13., after sunrise

I made a lot of photos this morning. The first series I successfully tried was a panorama stitch of 5 photos (you can find it as header  on my “something about me”.  There was no wind and  I thought to myself that some beautiful backlight would give me a chance to make some good shots in the marsh. There I tried my first HDR photo – successfully *yay*.  When this work was done I entered my car to continue my photo scavenger hunt  – and then – I discovered a flock of herons in the marsh. One of them was not that far away so that I could – just – better said – hardly – capture him with my 70-300mm lens.

Yesterday and today

Autumn is arriving now with giant steps. It was raining all the days what means that’s  a good time to settle down on WordPress and checking out the files that are waiting on my harddrive to be sifted.  OK , I started to look at this folder again yesterday in the late evening while the rain was pattering on the window and I made a discovery…  When I checked out this folder the first time immediately after my shootings  in August I selected the first and posted it to Vox (r.i.p.). But Yesterday I realized that I had a complete “heron’s breakfast” on my harddrive and started to crop and edit three photos and posted them here without any comments and went to sleep *yawning*… After I woke up *still yawning* I decided to make it complete (adding shot #4 and 5), then an intermission *growl* – take a shower – bring my love to the railway station (I’m in urgent need of the car, the weather is much better for some – I don’t dare to articulate…) and then some household chores *sic* while my entry is still waiting to be completed.

I made it

Now to Hamburg – Rock ‘n Roll!!!! *vrooooom*

She’s a Sweety…

Lots of RAW’s a waiting to be checked and assorted. I spent some time for this work today in the afternoon after I made a last rehearsal for the upcoming concert next weekend (no time to blog then  😦  …)
In a bunch of unsorted RAW files I found this photo of Kari, one of our three cats. She’s  most photogenic  of our  babes.  It’s one of the many shots I  made of her with my 70-300mm lens  a few weeks ago on our terrace… Some correction of white balance, saturation and  a little bit “correction” of the colors and some gaussian blur filter for the background  I had to make to accentuate  her beautiful face…
All of you who are passing by a wonderful and sunny weekend!
… and may the light be with you 😉

Hello world!

That’s why I switched over to

#1 Music (Istill have to check out how to post audios and videos)

# 2 Photography

Be sure I’ll post only homemade stuff

I hope we’ll have an excellent time here….