I’m in the test mode….

Nikon D 5000 vs. Nikon D7100

both tested with Sigma 70-200 mm 1/2,8 + Sigma 2.0 converter. There is a little difference in fact….

Moon D 5000

Mond D 7100

When The Weather Is Bad…

…. cancel the project you planned for this day and make another one

This project is called: I don’t care for bad weather

post production…..

Last summer I was in Scandinavia for three weeks. The day Anders Breivik killed 70 young socialist at the island utoya and bombed the gov.-quarter inOslo we didn’t hear about it ’cause we were in the mountains. There I shot a panorama of Sognefjellet (a part of Jotunheimen which are the highest mountains in Norway). The high contrast the lights made were difficult to capture (particularly if you want to shoot a HDR when the clouds are moving so fast and the tripod is not the best….

When I came home I tried the first stitch (1) and made some corrections – hmmm the result wasn’t that good – look at the clouds (crop 1). A few weeks ago I started a second try (2 and crop 2). The first thing was that I corrected the aperture in RAW then I stitched the images (5 pieces) and afterwards some editing in CS 4…

What did I learn: I need some more time to shoot to utilize the performance of my camera so I can save a lot of time in post production – and I need a better tripod (done!)…

Next start for a project is tomorrow. We’ll have a little vacation at the North Sea. I want some magic light ­čśë

btw. I’ll print the stitch in 170 x 70 cm when I’m back!

btw I never lived to see such a bad weather in Norway in my whole life (and I’ve been a lot of times up there)…

Why I prefer RAW

… ’cause I’m sure that I never could edit this bad image that way you see below.
I loved that snapshot, but if it was a JPEG it would find the direct way – into the trash bin!

Here you see the copy of the original image that was shot in RAW and the edit below.

I don’t need no “tilt shift generator” ;-)

DOF games with my new lens ;-)

F/7,1   50 mm


F/1,8   50 mm


Hi again!

Last Saturday I screwed my new 50 mm 1/1,8 lens on my camera and went downtown to be with at the oldtown-festival. It was a wonderful warm summer night at the late spring and I realized that this lens is not only easy to handle, but also it has a great light yield. The following shots I made free hand – about one hour after sunset. It’s the wonderful time when the sky is changing from dark blue to black – we call it “Blaue Stunde” – the “blue hour”…



Some of you may remember that I posted a HDR-photo of this church last year in November (or so). The problem that I had is that I’m in urgent need of a steady tripod – an I mean steady – to make more crispy HDR’s. I think I found a good one that is not too expensive. OK, I ordered one and it will be delivered the next few days. Then I can start with some HDR-panorama-shots… We’ll see ­čśë

For Your Eyes….

The original image…

… and the edited version

After a little bit too long period of wonderful sunny weather

the rain is back… So good ’cause the nature is in urgent

need of rain. The following image I shot  the day before  yesterday.

If you like…..

… to talk about pixels, have a look at first

both are crops of shots I made in automatic mode. The left with my DMC FS 3 (8 million px.) and the right with my D 5000 with┬á 18 – 105 mm kit lens. The more you scale this image up the greater the difference will be.

Another One… and sth. ’bout my work

I forgot this image yesterday.┬á I made it a few hours before….The time between I was at a band rehearsal.

I cropped it 1920 x 1080 px.┬á for 16:9 monitors ’cause I love to change wallpapers on my desktop. That’s┬á why I wanna share it with you. If you like it don’t be shy and grab it for yours ­čśë As you might have noticed there’s some subtile green to be seen on the field. BTW the first snowdrops find their way to the surface. Check out Fotograf-Zahls blog.

What I have to tell is some things about the juvenile project I’m working in: To tell it in a few words – 30 kids (musicians and staff), boys and girls,┬á between 12 and 17 years old,┬á 5 (may be 6)┬á group leaders (adults), four 9-seaters, two trucks, a mobile stage of 50 m┬▓, a PA will be on tour at the summer holidays. The idea is that 4 bands and some solo musicians shall perform at several places in Germany Denmark, Sweden and Norway on camps, festivals and village fairs. One group is for catering, one for rigging the stage and is┬á responsible for light and sound too, one for the camp, one for the public relation (internet and newspapers). Every group has a responsible leader to coach his group for its tasks. I’m one of these guys and my job is to coach the bands in performing their music on stage – particularly that they sound good and make some wonderful performances. After a lot of auditions we made a selection of the bands. To find the staff was very easy (we didn’t think that it was that easy). I for one was very surprised about the motivation of all these young guys to support this project! And last not least a lot of sponsors are with us. F. eks. a mobile studio that makes a 500 km-trip for 3 days with the whole recording equipment on a big truck to make a live-recording of the performances of every band┬á in North Denmark in front of several thousands audition on a soccer cup where 15.000 guys participate – for a CD.┬á – – – and they’ll┬á make it for free!!!!

The last two days were very interesting. On monday I visited the rehearsal of a juvenile band whose 3 singers always do their choruses monophonic (up till now ­čśë ). So I asked them two weeks ago to try some choruses for several voices. I posted them some notes and they tried it – and made it very good for the first time, but didn’t forget to tell me that it was some hard work to find the right intonation. By discussing to find a solution for that problem I realized that the vocal coach of the lead singer is a very good friend of mine (we had a lot of wonderful performances together). So it’s not that difficult for me to rope him in for this project – particularly show his student how to coach his co-singers. I’m sure we are on the right way – and the band loves that stuff…

The project leader had a very nice idea how to make the whole show more colorful. (BTW we have some great support by a mentalist/magician. He’s well-known here in Germany).┬á He asked another band to integrate a fanfare into one of their songs. A funny idea to play a fanfare (usually used for marches) to some emo-heavy metal music. And because of the tuning of the fanfare there was no way to play this instrument to one of┬á the twelve songs they can play. But I was very surprised of the creativity these young musicians showed to find a solution!!! At last they/we found a way to bring the whole thing into harmony by creating a blending of cascades and chromatic scales to integrate the well-known “wake up fanfare” into a song – as a little solo – attended by a HM-chorus. Believe me we had a lot of fun and I was very proud of the two young guitarists (15 and 16) who had these great ideas. They needed only a little bit of support by me… No need to talk about the other thing we realized. A girl whose job it is to moderate the show and to introduce the bands – a nice singer btw – wanted to be added as a female voice. The result is that it’s thrilling how it┬á sounds if a clean female soprano is added to male grunting (a typical kind of singing on HM-Stuff).

One of the attenders’ tasks is to make some video documentation of the project. He has to follow the rehearsals of all the groups who are involved into this projects. He has been with me yesterday to make some rehearsal room recordings when some new material has to be acquired. The following day I’ll be not alone on my tours… He needs a driver ­čśë

Here a photo of one of the bands. They are called┬á “ServoRock”, a bunch of great talents!!!


subject cancelled ;-)

Gas Station HDR

this is one of three images I used for the HDR. It’s the one that is correctly exposed.

Then I added two shots one under and one overexposed and made a HDR of them. Here’s the result

The photos I made with the bracketing function of my D 5000 that is only limited on three layers. It’s a nice function to keep the result sharp and crispy. Now I’d like to find a body that allows 5┬á -or better – 7 layers for HDR-photos that is due to my budget. Any suggestions from you? ­čśë

Some weeks ago we tried several 7 layers_HDR’s but only one was successful because we had to adjust the camera (a D 70) each time for each photo. But this one was really good (what made me learn that the more layers the better the result).

It don’t mean a thing…

… if it’s hot, cold, sunshine or rain don’t care – be prepared

… the main thing is that we have some weather

… there is not bad weather but inconvenient clothing 

… any light can be gorgeous. If it’s not for you then it’s your mind

… I love all colors of FALL

and if I can’t stand the weather ’cause I forgot my rubber boots (HI Lav!) and my “Frisian Mink”┬á – a term we use┬á for oilskin jackets here in Northern Germany (even Bavarians know that *lol*) – I love to go “photoshopping” . You pay once for your life – viewed in this light – worth the money…

bon nuit, good night, god natt, gute nacht…

sleep tight…

and don’t let the bed bugs bite…

((hugs)) ­čśë


Just only to say “hello again”…

… there are some minutes left to make a little entry about “Spring and Fall” before I go to work

(inspired by “Photo-Quest #102” – thx Maureen).

Yesterday I relished a wonderful afternoon that started with some guitar lesson support I gave to my niece who visited my mom yesterday. She asked me for some basic fingerpicking styles (OMG – not my core competence).┬á While she was practising – following my advises – I was in my mom’s garden to shoot some cherry tree leafs (#1)… Then I picked up the car to look for some maple trees (some of the few trees┬á here that show some really wonderful colors here when fall comes and you don’t find them in such quantities as f. eks. in Canada or in the northern parts of the USA). OK I found a few of them, had some fun and when I came home to edit, convert and store the shots on my hard drive I stumbled upon one of the first 100 shots (while waiting instead of ironing – this job really sucks!) I made with my Nikon SLR – a blossom of the same cherry tree (#2)…

Here they are…

#1 Spring

# 2   Fall

Some of 200 RAW’s I converted to JPEG’s today…

… and their big sisters

Holy crap – sorry for that but I love to be honest and that’s the only way I can express what I feel… It was a long time I spent on my computer today. OK the shots were ok what means there were nearly no edits to make before I converted them. But on the other side some other things had to be done (and I could do them while my computer is working – the “View NX 2”┬á converter is very slow I suppose)…

– wash the dishes *sic*

– ironing *sic*

– home health care – my love caught a gastric flu *sic*

– go shopping (empty fridge) *sic*

– drive to the car wash – a little attempt of escape without success *sic*

I realized that it takes a loooong long time to convert photos from RAW to JPEG and I asked myself “does it make any sense to do that (a few weeks ago I read in some forum thatit don’t mean a thing if you edit your RAW or JPEG-files… So I said to myself “Take a file and optimize it in RAW and then go to Photoshop to edit it, then take the same files, convert them as it is and try to do the very best with them only in Photoshop”.

And the result is – you can believe me – I’ll never shoot in JPEG again. After five *sics* now a *YAY* ’cause this day ended good for me at last

Good night fellas,

c u tomorrow!

Pumpkins & Plums

… a four course meal

The task for my love and the other members of a site called Lecker Kochen
was to create a dish based on pumpkins and plums. What a great challenge – and the result was *yummy*!!!!!


… and here is the recipe. It was a quest called “Kochduell” where my love – not me – took part in…

The rules were as follows:

#1 Use the following ingredients: pumpkins, plums, whipped cream and yoghurt!

#2 You are allowed to add all ingredients you have in your store – no additional purchase!!

#3 be creative!!!

and that’s what she made of it (for once in german – the little helper “translate. google.com”┬á couldn’t help me to make a postable translation *lol*)

1. Als Gruss aus der K├╝che eine K├╝rbisterrine
2. K├╝rbissuppe mit Petersiliensahne
3. Schweinefilet mit Zwetschgen-/Zwiebelso├če, K├╝rbissouffl├ę und K├╝rbisgratin
4. Karamellcreme mit Rotwein-Gew├╝rz-Zwetschgen

Zus├Ątzlich zu den vorgegebenen Zutaten habe ich folgendes verwendet:

200 ml + einen guten Schluck halbtrockenen Rotwein, ca 150g Zucker, 1 Sternanis, 1/3 Stange Zimt, 1 Nelke, 4 Bl├Ątter wei├če Gelatine, 1 L Gem├╝sebr├╝he, 1 Bd. glatte Petersilie,
abgeriebene Zitronenschale von 1/2 Zitrone, 4 Zwiebeln, 1 EL Himbeeressig, 1/4 Vanilleschote, 5 Eier, SAlz, Pfeffer, Italienische Kr├Ąuter. 4 Knoblauchzehen, einen guten Schluck Sekt (war noch da von unserem Nach-Konzert-Schluck, ist aber eine andere Geschichte) oder Wei├čwein, Butterschmalz und Oliven├Âl.

Ich hoffe, da ist nichts bei, was nicht den Anforderungen auf “Sowieso da” entspricht…

Noch eins vorweg: Ich habe einen Hokkaidok├╝rbis gekauft, ca 1800g, und den als Erstes zerlegt, die Kerne und das Faserige entfernt und in grobe St├╝cke geschnitten

Zutaten f├╝r die K├╝rbisterrine:

250 g K├╝rbis
0,2 L Gem├╝sebr├╝he
1 Zwiebel
2 Knoblauchzehen
150 g Vollmilchjogurt
1/4 Bd. glatte Petersilie
abgeriebene Schale von einer 1/2 Zitrone
Pfeffer / Salz
4 Blatt Gelatine

So geht das:

Je 2 Gelatinebl├Ątter in kaltem Wasser einweichen. In einem kleinen Topf die kleingew├╝rfelte Zwiebel und eine Knoblauchzehe and├╝nsten, den grob zerkleinerten K├╝rbis zugeben und ebenfalls mit and├╝nsten. Mit Salz und Pfeffer kr├Ąftig w├╝rzen. Die Gem├╝sebr├╝he zugeben und k├Âcheln lassen. Wenn der K├╝rbis weich ist alles p├╝rieren und 2 von den eingeweichten Gelatinebl├Ąttern zugeben und gr├╝ndlich verr├╝hren. Eine kleine l├Ąngliche Plastikschale (1/2 Liter Fassungsverm├Âgen) mit Klarsichtfolie auslegen und die K├╝rbiscreme einf├╝llen.

Den Jogurt in eine Sch├╝ssel geben, die zweite Knoblauchzehe durch die Knoblauchpresse in den Joghurt geben. Die Petersilie fein hacken, von einer halben Zitrone die Schale abreiben und beides in den Jogurt geben. Mit Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken. Die Gelatine aufl├Âsen, ein bis 2 Essl├Âffel vom Jogurt einr├╝hren und alles schnell und gr├╝ndlich verr├╝hren. Vorsichtig auf die K├╝rbiscreme gie├čen.

Die Terrine abk├╝hlen lassen und zum Festwerden in den K├╝hlschrank stellen. Die Terrine am besten Morgens oder einen Tag vor dem Essen zubereiten, damit sie fest genug wird. Zum Servieren die Terrine st├╝rzen und pro Portion eine Scheibe abschneiden, auf einen Teller legen und mit einer Scheibe Baguette und etwas Petersiliendeko anrichten.

Zutaten f├╝r die K├╝rbissuppe:
500g K├╝rbis, grob gew├╝rfelt
1 Zwiebel
0,75 L Gem├╝sebr├╝he
1 Knoblauchzehe
1 EL Italienische Kr├Ąuter
100 ml Schlagsahne
3/4 Bd. glatte Petersilie
Pfeffer und Salz
ca. 75 g Schweinefilet

So geht das:

Die Zwiebel und Knoblauch w├╝rfeln und in Butterschmalz und Oliven├Âl glasig d├╝nsten. K├╝rbis zugeben und kurz mitd├╝nsten, Salz, Pfeffer und die Italienischen Kr├Ąuter zugeben. Br├╝he angie├čen und ca 20 – 25 Minuten k├Âcheln lassen, bis der K├╝rbis zerf├Ąllt. Mit dem P├╝rierstab zerschreddern. Sekt oder Wei├čwein zugeben und noch einmal gr├╝ndlich aufkochen lassen. Schweinefilet sehr fein schneiden und unmittelbar vor dem Servieren in die Suppe geben.

Die Sahne halbsteif schlagen und die fein gehackte Petersilie zugeben. Pfeffern und Salzen. Die Suppe in Tassen oder auf Teller gie├čen und einen sch├Ânen Klacks Sahne darauf geben. Fertig!

Zutaten f├╝r das Hauptgericht:

600 g Schweinefilet – remark: we decided to have some pork tenderloin that weekend, so it’s due to the rules┬á – INVENTORY – not?┬á ­čśë
2 Zwiebeln
6 Zwetschgen
einen Schluck Rotwein, halbtrocken
1 Essl. Himbeeressig

250 g K├╝rbis
30g Butter
50g Junger Gouda
1 Eigelb
2 Eiwei├č
Pfeffer und Salz

200 g K├╝rbis
125 g Junger Gouda
50 ml Sahne

So geht das: Zun├Ąchst den Ofen auf 180 Grad vorheizen! Keine Umluft!

K├╝rbisgratin: Eine kleine Auflaufform fetten. K├╝rbis in d├╝nne Scheiben schneiden und eine Lage f├Ącherartig in die Auflaufform legen. Salzen und Pfeffern und mit ca. 25 g kleingew├╝rfeltem Gouda bestreuen. Darauf eine zweite Schicht K├╝rbis legen. Sahne mit einem Schluck Wasser mischen und dar├╝bergie├čen. Salzen und Pfeffern, in den Ofen schieben. Ca. 20 Minuten backen, dann den restlichen kleingew├╝rfelten K├Ąse ├╝ber das Gratin geben und noch einmal 15 Minuten im Backofen lassen.

K├╝rbissouffl├ę: Den K├╝rbis grob w├╝rfeln, in einem kleinen Topf in wenig Oliven├Âl and├╝nsten. Einen kleinen Schluck Wasser zugeben und bei geschlossenem Deckel weichd├╝nsten. Dann den K├╝rbis p├╝rieren, das Eigelb, den kleingew├╝rfelten K├Ąse und die Butter unterr├╝hren. Die Eiwei├če steif schlagen und vorsichtig unter die Masse heben. Kleine Auflaufformen (ca. 8 cm. Durchmesser) fetten. Die Masse vorsichtig in die F├Ârmchen geben (reicht f├╝r 4 F├Ârmchen), mit dem Messer einmal am Rand entlangfahren, damit sie gut aufgeht und in den Backofen setzen. Ca. 25 Mituten backen, dann m├╝ssten die Souffl├ęs sch├Ân aufgegangen und hellbraun sein.Beim Herausnehmen aufpassen, dass sie keinen Zug bekommen, dann fallen sie zusammen. Sofort servieren!

Schweinefilets: Die Schweinefilets in Medaillons schneiden. Die Zwiebel in halbe Ringe schneiden und die Zwetschgen halbieren. Die Zwiebeln kr├Ąftig anbraten und in eine kleine Kasserole geben. Die Schweinefilets salzen und Pfeffern und im Zwiebelfett kr├Ąftig anbraten. Bei mittlerer Hitze fertig braten. Die Zwiebeln in der Kasserole erhitzen und die halbiertern Pflaumen zugeben. Kurz weiterbraten und mit einem ordentlichen Schluck Rotwein abl├Âschen. 1 EL Himbeeressig zugeben. Zwiebels-/Zwetschgenso├če zum Fleisch geben und alles fertigk├Âcheln.
Nun noch alles sch├Ân auf Teller anrichten, dann ist auch das fertig….

Zutaten f├╝r den Nachtisch: Auch den Nachtisch am Besten Morgens zubereiten, damit er gut durchk├╝hlen kann

80g Zucker
0,2 L Milch
2 Eier
2 Eigelb
50g Zucker
500 g Zwetschgen (6 St├╝ck f├╝r das Hauptgericht abnehmen!)
1 Essl. Zucker
0,2 ml Rotwein, halbtrocken
1 Sternanis
1/3 Stange Zimt
1 Nelke

So geht das: Den Backofen auf 150 Grad vorheizen.

Die 80 g Zucker karamellisieren, 2-3 EL Wasser zugeben und wieder fl├╝ssig werden lassen. Das Karamell als Spiegel in 4 keine F├Ârmchen f├╝llen. Die Milch mit 1/4 aufgeschlitzten Vanilleschote aufkochen lassen. Aus den Eiern, dem Eigelb und 50g Zucker eine Creme r├╝hren, die Milch vorsichtig unterr├╝hren. Ggf durch ein Sieb streichen und in die F├Ârmchen f├╝llen. Die F├Ârmchen in ein Wasserbad im Backofen stellen und bei 150 Grad ca. 25-30 Minuten stopckjen lassen. Kaltstellen.

Die Zwetschgen halbieren. Den Rotwein mit den Gew├╝rzen und dem Zucker aufkochen und ein wenig reduzieren lassen. Zwetschgen hineingeben und kurz mitk├Âcheln lassen. Abk├╝hlen lassen. Fertig.

Zum Servieren die Karamellcreme auf Teller st├╝rzen und mit den Gew├╝rzzwetschgen servieren. GESCHAFFT!

Ich schw├Âre, das alles aufzuschreiben war anstrengender als das Kochen!

An attempt of posting a youtube video

For the Ex-Voxers – most of you know this video ­čśë
For those who don’t know it┬á some facts:

We call the project “Go For 2” The name of the song is “Valle Gran Rey”.

My friend plays the lead electric guitar (a Gibson “Les Paul”) for the melody and made some improvisations over the groove. Additionally he played┬á some acoustic guitars and arranged the funky part of the song.

I play the second electric guitar ( a “Strat”) – the second voice on the melody track, the keyboards, synthesizers, drums and percussion (most of that stuff on a step arranger), not to forget some acoustic guitars and the vocals.

The backline arrangements and my vocals I recorded┬á at my home. The additional lead instruments and the other acoustic and electric guitars were recorded at my friend’s studio where we also produced it and made the final mix.

And here it is!


Thank you for your tutorial freedomsmith, but I have only a link on my post – no image…

What was the mistake I made?

My first impressions when I checked the file (particularly interesting for Ex-Voxers):

1. the quality of the video is much better!

2. I never heard such a authentic sound – so near to the master file we produced as a wav.file

3. It may take some time to upload the stream – particularly the best (720 pixels) version – so what!?

kindest regards

Sep. 23. – The Day After…

Time to grab my new lens – a Sigma EX 70-200mm 1:2,8 – and make some exercises in free hand shooting what means for me “keep the camera calm – OOOOOOOOOOOOM…”. This lens has no image stabilisator and the same lens from Nikon was a bit too expensive for me. But I wanted the performance – NOW!!!!

# 1 – Our cat Tony (hard to catch):

f = 110 mm

F 2,8

1/640 sec.

ISO 800

# 2 – Critter On The Rose – a crop

f = 160 mm



ISO 800