> 30° C in the shade…..

… too hot. So Tony found the coolest place in the house – the dorm.

I don’t need no “tilt shift generator” ;-)

Good Morning

Do you wanna fly with me?



I want to share

the beginning

of a beautiful day

with a wonderful light…

and two of my

blossoming roses…

with you




DOF games with my new lens ;-)

F/7,1   50 mm


F/1,8   50 mm


For Your Eyes….

The original image…

… and the edited version

After a little bit too long period of wonderful sunny weather

the rain is back… So good ’cause the nature is in urgent

need of rain. The following image I shot  the day before  yesterday.

Lazy Sunday


… Merc.

… and some charming french

It’s so easy….

… to discover the whole world today….

Only a few clicks and you are there

– virtually –

but it has become so difficult…

– has it? –

… to discover the tiny little things

right in front of your eyes

– really –

One Day – Two Very Different Impressions….

“abschalten” means “shutdown”

Remember Harrisburg, Sellafield and Chernobyl and think about Fukushima

then think about your children, their children, their children over 100.000s of years who will have the problems with the nuclear waste…

4th Day Of Spring

The first sunny day that makes me really feel that spring is in the air.

I tried to capture the beautiful light you can live to see here at the Coast of the North Sea…

(by the way I made no changes in colors and  saturation – what you see is true reality)

… a World Heritage – natural site. Only a few places are like this unique area.

wild geese over the salt marsh


and chilling out…..

And if you turn around you’ll see the legendary “Westerhever Lighthouse”


We were lucky that we both could spend a little time far away from our projects we are working in for a few days.

So we decided to make a day trip to several places at the North Sea coast. Husum the hometown of the

famous poet Theodor Storm (I’m sure he would be honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature if he was born a few years later)

was another destination we visited that day. I suppose there’s no place where you can see so many crocuses at one place like here

Chateau Park

some details

Happy Weekend to you all – and….

lots of sunny days too!

First Day Of Spring