A Portrait – edited…

This is a little work┬á I made with my Photoshop after a shooting. We didn’t have much time so we only made some warm-up. But this edit is a little criterion for me still not to purchase “Portrait Professional” (although it’s much faster – I know that). I prefer to learn how it works – and then…. ­čśë

harsh critics/feedbacks appreciated. THX in advance…

An After Halloween Post….

I call it





A new start again

One photo and 5 color edits

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It was a shady place and some sun reflections on the swift-flowing water.

To shoot it in 1/4000 sec. I needed an ISO of 6400 and F/3,5

Photo Quest #102

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Handover of the crane

These shots I made at the handover ceremony of the “Mulch-Crane” which now is called “Kulturkran” = culture-crane.

Four years ago, Hanne-Lore Mulch, now 80 years old, the senior partner of the firm Mulch, the Kulturwerkstatt Harburg had given a terminal cranes – as proof that Harburg had a proper industrial port. Some of the recent industrial history had also written the company Mulch. In 1889, was operated in the river by the company Knust a coal trader. From 1926, William Mulch participated on the Harburg Kohlenhof Knust and Johannsen – soon the company was called Harburg Kohlenhof Wilhelm Mulch.

In 1954 the company bought the first truck-mounted crane. In the fifties, then, several tankers were purchased and delivered oil for users of oil heating systems. At that time the slogan for the fuel oil advertising: “Mulch is forever!”

1968 was the first Umschlagskran and 1972, already the second – the yellow Mulch crane that is now renovated. When the natural gas as the fuel oil heating strongly repressed, the company put emphasis on handling, storage and forwarding. Many large ships have been unloaded from Mulch – in layers until late into the night. The company Mulch is no longer active and is in the process.

Since 1972 was the gantry crane from Liebherr – the 30 meter high “mulch-crane” with a radius of 22 meters – on Lotsekai on the castle. By 2006 he was one of the company mulch. The crane barges were emptied and filled wagons and trucks with construction materials and raw materials for the food industry. After the company had left the Harburg’s inland port,┬á Mulch donated the crane to the the Kulturwerkstatt Harburg. Since 2007 it is a listed building and since August 2009 it was led by retired Kranbaumeisters┬á Roland Remst├Ądt, renovated from Fred Beck. With the help of one-euro jobbers, all crane parts primed and painted with special yellow color. “We have worked through in the winter,” says crane expert Remst├Ądt, “that was sometimes quite difficult in the cold.” Roland Remst├Ądt has in his life more than 300 cranes set up across Europe and hundreds of serviced and repaired.

110 000 ÔéČ┬á cost the renovation work on the mulch crane.┬á Supplied by an emergency generator, the crane would be functional. “What is lacking is a connection to a transformer station”, says Roland Remst├Ądt. The problem: Such a connection will cost just about 70 000 ÔéČ.

… I was so amazed about the illumination. Here some photos…

At work….

… one of the 350 shoots I made from the hip while a crane in Hamburg is restored…
to find the original “Mulch Yellow” – the color of the painting was a great challenge. No one knew the blend of this particular yellow. So they had to comprehend it after some old slides but they were as succesful that the whole painting was paid by the┬á senior partner of the enterprise that ran that crane once….
once a srap heap - and now?

I’ve moved my vox posts to……

Hi neighbors. I've moved my blog to TypePad. You can now visit me at http://realworld234.typepad.com/myblog/. You can follow me on TypePad by visiting my profile. See you there!

This was the message from VOX for my entire neighborhood…. Here's is my personal one:

I only stored my vox blogs on typepad. I'm not sure if I go on blogging on typepad. I think I'll prefer wordpress to let you know what's going on. Other sites of me you'll find still on the right hand side here on my blog ("go For 2" on myspace/our homepage "Blackout"/"youtube")

Be sure you don't find me on twitter or similar social networks….. this is not mine!

Here my address on wordpress:


See you there ­čśë

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2nd from Hagenbeck ….and the last :-(

Time to say goodbye here on Vox.

Oh yes, it has been a wonderful time here – ok – some unpleasant encounters with people who forgot that this site is not YouPorn and a lot of spammers but I didn't care for them ­čśë

I'll keep my site open the next days. Maybe there is one or another who would like to keep in touch with me but still didn't add or contact me but still want to. Don't be shy and give me a note if you like. I'll stop my activities on Vox right now...

Heads up – this does not apply to spammers!

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Yes yes yes!!!!!!

Some of my lost files could be recovered from my SD-card…
One day we visited the well known zoo "Hagenbecks Tierpark" in Hamburg.
190 of about 400 photos from that day (all were deleted) we could recover..
The rest – about 700 – are gone to the kingdom come. OK 190 are better than nothing…  Here is one of them (more will follow).

A lot of work is waiting for me…



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No success…

I got some bad news yesterday. My friend could recover a lot of my files but only those I still had on my old harddisk. That means I can forget nearly all of my more than 1000 photos I shot during our vacation at the North Sea, in Bremen, Hamburg and several other places we visited at that time. The last chance I have is if we try to recover a part of them – definitely not all – deleted files from my SD-card. We'll try it next tuesday.

The other way to check if anything can be recovered from the harddisk is too expensive in fact! For that money I have to pay only checking if there is any chance to recover the  files I lost costs about 200 or 300 ÔéČ and to recover them may be the price for a set of flashlights and a 70-200mm 1:2,8 macro zoom lens from Nikon (!)… And that's a bit too much…

The locations are not that far away and nothing can stop me to make some little trips to these locations again… except of my back-pain… and the photos only can become better, right?   ­čśë

Now the weather makes me feel that it is late October, I'm under medical treatment because of severe back-pain since monday but fortunately it has become better in the meantime. That was the reason I haven't been in the web the last days 'cause it hurt when I was sitting at my computer.

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That’s why I love the light!

always busy……

… my bumblebee in lavender

the sun is back.
I'll get out now.

See you tomorrow!

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a rainy day….

We collect our strength for more outdoor activities

for the days to come…

… and the flowers are in urgent need of rain…

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Are you superstitious?

Friday 13th.
It began grey


then the sunrays pervaded
the misty air and spent
some beautiful light.

I had to leave my home
for some shots outside.
In this case –


Enjoy your weekend!

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Once upon a time – it was 1972 – the british group Soft Machine demonstrated that they are 20 years too soon by composing this unique peace of music. Keywords like "Autogenous Training" or "Chilll Out" – things that came much later into fashion I didn't know when I was 17 years old. I purchased that record once and after my divorce it was one of my extensive record collection my wife sold – only to harass me…

At 2005 – when I started to enter the digital music world by creating songs on FL step sequencer – it came into my mind to reproduce this wonderful loop Carl Jenkins of Soft Machine once created only to feel this magic moments I had once in my time as a young guy. At that time this song was not to purchase. So I created my own thing of this loop after I've been in Deya/Mallorca at 1999 – just before I went apart from my wife. Deya has been a place where the musicians of Soft Machine had a very creative phase in the late sixties/early seventies (the so called Canterbury Scene). This place changed my life. That's why my tune is called "Deya Dreams" – a flashback to a wonderful time I had when I was a young guy…

Have an ear if you like…

Similarities in my composition are consiously favored – the modes in harmonies too   ­čśë

# 1 Soft Machine "The Floating World"
# 2 Realworld "Deya Dreams"

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One step outside……

Thank God It’s Weekend!!!!

Time to make a little update what's going on at the storks' nest. Meanwhile our two youngsters are checking out what wings are for…

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Sooooo fine….

…. that my new computer works again. Here's a test – made in Photoshop CS 4. Enjoy

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Vacation is over….

bumblebee on lavender

Shit happens!

We spent a wonderful time on several places around our home: Hamburg, Elbe river and the North Sea were our destinatons. I collected about 1100 photos on my external harddisk which I ordinarily use for backups (my computer was out of order – I purchased a new one). Now I tried to upload them but must see that nothing is on the harddisk, though I checked them all with our lappy. Hundreds of wonderful shots I made in the wadden sea vanished somewhere in the kingdom come…..

Well I thought I have some new stuff to post but – sorry – temporarly nothing exciting from me except a shot of a bumblebee edited as 1920×1080 wallpaper for 16:9 full HD screen.

Best wishes to you all for a nice start into the following week!

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Bye bye to…..

… vox banners, voxaholic, photoshop and other no more hosted groups who are contaminated by spammers and others who don't know what else they can do as to try waisting their and my time…

Thanks to those hosts who take care for their groups!

these shots are actually thought for among others "cats of the world" too but I left them too…

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Elbe River

Photo Quest # 99 Show me some bokeh….

This one I shot with my Nikon D 5000/Nikkor AF-SX 18-105 mm setup

f =105mm
1/400 sec.
ISO 200

My mom asked me to make some pictures from her cherry tree. Not that much bokeh but I was quite surprized when I saw the printed version of the shot 'cause there is a wonderful 3 D effect to see.

… and this shot I made in february last year with my point and shoot camera, a Panasonic DMC 3 FS. Yes, you can dreate some creamcheese bokeh with a p&s too ­čśë

f = 16 mm
1/60 sec.
ISO 100

… now one that shows some Hollywood bokeh…

f = 105 mm
1/200 sec.
ISO 1600
(OMG it was that dark in the shade)
flash = 1/4

… and now you see the same scene with different settings. You'll see that the higher the aperture is the less creamcheese bokeh you'll get…

f = 105 mm

1/500 sec.
ISO 800

f = 105 mm

ISO 200

f = 75 mm
1/1000 sec.
ISO 200

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37 Degrees…..

thanks to my servants who prepared my bed  – and they still believe it's theirs

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