World Relaxation Day…

Something I read a few minutes before…

“It’s National Relaxation Day! Today we live in a very fast-paced world that is often stressful and overwhelming. National Relaxation Day is all about taking a step back to unwind and decompress.

Although a certain amount of stress is normal, too much of it can be harmful to your physical and mental health. Take care of yourself today. Read a book, get a message, watch a movie, go for a long walk, or take a nap. No matter what you choose to do, just remember to take it easy, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Happy National Relaxation Day!”


… so what shall I think about it… I have to relish that one and only day and be prepared to survive the stressing time during the rest of the year what means in days:    3 6 4   (in words THREEHUNDREDSIXTYFOUR)…

Westerhever Lighthouse

Honeymoon Moon

a little interlude for night owls

moon (edited)

I’m playin’ out my “Blue Phase”…

… with some shots from the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein… at 10 mm wide-angle  (except the seagull shot)…


the dune

the beach

flying over…


… a UNESCO World Heritage: the Wadden Sea of Schleswig-Holstein


In the background the “Island Of The Rich And Beauties” – SYLT

Morning Mood

_DSC0381_7437 _DSC0399_7436 _DSC0408_7439 _DSC0442_7441 _DSC0443_7442_DSC0447_7443

What a wonderful morning. I relished the silence.

The loudest thing I heard was the shutter of my camera.

I made these images at our honeymoon on thursday 13-07-18 between 5:17 and 5:33 a.m.
in Brixum, a village at the island of Föhr/Schleswig Holstein/Germany.


I did it!_DSC0098_7293

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