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NMS Concert

… last saturday we had an event at the “Neue Musikschule” (new music school) in my hometown, where the audience lived to see various kind of styles how you can express in music. It was a teachers’ concert where some of the music teachers present their favorite music. By the way a cello teacher told me that we opened his ears for Rock ‘n Roll ;-).  Feels like a “knightly accolade” for me. By the way he will arrange an appointment in Hamburg for us. We are still looking for new venues to play…. Back to the event. Full house and a great mood in the audience although it was hard for some friends of classical music to listen to heavy metal stuff as well as the ancient stuff presented on flute or cello for the Rock ‘n Rollers. But whhat this evening made unique was the diversity and the way the musicians presented their stuff. And at last it was the passion that communicated the great world of black and white music….

What I missed as a photographer (I made some portrait shots of the musicians for their private albums – sorry, no postings permitted – I promised that) was some more light from the front… Here one shot a friend of mine made of me and two no-portrait-shots where I tried to play with the rest of light that was available 😉

Day # 140 Recording Sessions with “Blackout”

Lots of songs – about 16! – have to be recorded. That's why we decided not to play any gigs except of the few ones that we were booked for last year. And we want to play on some other places than only near our hometown. After 8 years it becomes a bit boring….

When the recordings will be done all that material has to be edited and mastered and because we all have our jobs families and friends – and some other passions (my one is – ha, you know it!) – it will take a long time. That's why we planned to do it the whole summer and fall…. Additionally my new job at "Blackout" is not only play the bass but also – from now on – sing the ballads (we have some ballads that we never play on stage) and add some more chorus voices to most of the songs what means I have to learn some text and pick up a note sheet to arrange some choruses and then add them to the tracks. Not to forget the reheasals for the performances. To sing and play and instrument – particularly bass – is not that easy! Lots of work for me – particularly 'cause I'm not that good in learning lyrics. I need a lot of more time for it than an average singer.

Another problem is that we cannot record at a studio. It's only to pay if we rig up our backline and play all the songs at once – and we have no time for it. So we decided to make it in our rehearsal room – the acoustics is very good there (we're lucky that we found such a place). So we have only to rent some microphones for the drumset (I don't know why or drummer has no mics but that's his problem). And the bad is that we have to rig up the recording equipment every time. So we have only 3 hours for the sessions once a week…

Fender + Marshall = Rock 'n Roll

Cubase + mikes + rehearsal room = our recording studio

is it that what I played (our drummer)

the bottom end

…and after a fine recording session – as a reward…

…find a good choice!!!!

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Day # 113

I have to make some exercises…

to all of you…

a sunny weekend!!!!

… shot yesterday while making a recording session…

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Day # 50

                                                    what's up dawg?

Why don't you send us packing out of the laundry? Why do you shave your skull? Why's the corridor full of basses and equipment? What about your

handheld? It nervs!!!! What does it mean – ringtone? We want the silence back! Some strange gear in your handbag – you never use to wear it if you go out! Gig? What's that? Take care of your ears (tinnitus!) but play loooud! Arena?? WHAT??? It's a venue? What's that? Whatever – we don't care what you do but don't forget our yum yum before you leave us!!! You got it, Servant?! OMG "Blackout" – some hard rockin' stuff – too loud for us!! OK ok – enjoy your show and say "hi" to the guys – particularly your guitarist and tell him – and the drummer too – they shouldn't play too loud 'cause the singer will lose his voice while trying to bear up! And be so kind as to perform the song "Don't let the bed bugs bite!" You got it SERVANT????? Have a good time, don't forget your slogan "Don't play drunk" and welcome back (if you're not too noisy when you arrive. We need to sleep)…..

                                                see ya!

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