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QotD: K.I.T.

Phone calls, emails, text messages, facebook, Morse code or something else… How do you like to stay in touch with your friends?

there are so many ways to keep in touch with friends in the network – and for me it's the best - the only - way to keep in touch with them if they (or me) are far away from home. There is no more "out of sight out of mind" in todays life. But never forget – the best thing is to ring the bell at the housedoor and give a hug…

 That's my way to find the right balance between virtual and true reality. Thus I found my love and after one year we are so sure to save our life. I never would have met her without any social networks. Thanks to those wo made it possible and keep on going this.

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One sight, one shot every month……

Now time has come to add the last picture to this post. The change in nature  has been shown a whole year long with a look out of one window – always the same sight. This is the very last look for me indeed 'cause the house we lived together since we met us has to be sold now. And – some of you know it – we moved….

Last year in october I purchased a Panasonic DMC FS 3 to make some photos. A few days later it came into my mind to make a one years cyclus that I titled "A look out of a window once a month". When I saw how nature exploded I took three of the photos and posted them here. A friend of mine gave me the idea to keep on posting my shot due to this theme. That's why this series is dedicated to my friend Manuela who invited me to vox…Forgot my camera in my new flat – the August-photo will follow tomorrow.

Thank you Manuela, you made my life more colorful as it already was. I had a lot of joy doing this. Thanks to all who have been with me!

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