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… to fulfill my tagword…

Seems that I forgot that I wanted to feed not only your eyes but also your ears with some stuff. I once posted some videos and photo-streams of my songs on When I realized that these files have been gone to kingdom come when I transferred my files to WordPress I said to myself: “why not rebuild them?” … Then I thought to myself: “Why should you take the same stuff while we are working on a remix of one song and add it with some new material to create a new video?” We are still on the way to remix “Valle Gran Rey” and make a new video of it. The next one should be “Cacatua Bar”. For my song “Your Crossroads” I’m in need of some (a lot of!) new video material to create a video at all. But there was one little piece of music that never has been enriched with some video material. So I found me some of the photos I posted here since I started to blog here, created a little photo-stream and activated a new YouTube account to post it to you

… et voila, here it is …

It don’t mean a thing…

… if it’s hot, cold, sunshine or rain don’t care – be prepared

… the main thing is that we have some weather

… there is not bad weather but inconvenient clothing 

… any light can be gorgeous. If it’s not for you then it’s your mind

… I love all colors of FALL

and if I can’t stand the weather ’cause I forgot my rubber boots (HI Lav!) and my “Frisian Mink”  – a term we use  for oilskin jackets here in Northern Germany (even Bavarians know that *lol*) – I love to go “photoshopping” . You pay once for your life – viewed in this light – worth the money…

bon nuit, good night, god natt, gute nacht…

sleep tight…

and don’t let the bed bugs bite…

((hugs)) 😉


Something About Still Life Photography

Last Wednesday I started to create a concept for our common homepage (one of my tasks). I drove to Stade to present my ideas I had to my friend but he was sidetracked by so many “important” things so that I wasted my time waiting for him… Wasting time – not my thing! I discovered some nice accessories to create some still life arrangements

The rest of the story: No results except of a “Sorry that I had no time for you, but I had a lot of things to do” from my friend.  So why did I spend my time to drive to Stade? For nothing? Ooooooh no!

– I have some new ideas to make some still life photography and the first two of them I wanna share with no one else but you!

– I’ll do more for myself (and believe me I’m selfish – NOT!).

– I’ll create my own homepage

Et Voilà! – here are my attempts

#1 “Big Brother Is Watching You”

# 2 “Views Of Application Photos”

a sunny and colorful weekend to all of you!

Some of 200 RAW’s I converted to JPEG’s today…

… and their big sisters

Holy crap – sorry for that but I love to be honest and that’s the only way I can express what I feel… It was a long time I spent on my computer today. OK the shots were ok what means there were nearly no edits to make before I converted them. But on the other side some other things had to be done (and I could do them while my computer is working – the “View NX 2”  converter is very slow I suppose)…

– wash the dishes *sic*

– ironing *sic*

– home health care – my love caught a gastric flu *sic*

– go shopping (empty fridge) *sic*

– drive to the car wash – a little attempt of escape without success *sic*

I realized that it takes a loooong long time to convert photos from RAW to JPEG and I asked myself “does it make any sense to do that (a few weeks ago I read in some forum thatit don’t mean a thing if you edit your RAW or JPEG-files… So I said to myself “Take a file and optimize it in RAW and then go to Photoshop to edit it, then take the same files, convert them as it is and try to do the very best with them only in Photoshop”.

And the result is – you can believe me – I’ll never shoot in JPEG again. After five *sics* now a *YAY* ’cause this day ended good for me at last

Good night fellas,

c u tomorrow!

I lay down on the ground….

… I remembered that this  was a title I used last year in the spring at Vox…

and that’s a way to find some new perspectives…

have a nice weekend!

NMS Concert

… last saturday we had an event at the “Neue Musikschule” (new music school) in my hometown, where the audience lived to see various kind of styles how you can express in music. It was a teachers’ concert where some of the music teachers present their favorite music. By the way a cello teacher told me that we opened his ears for Rock ‘n Roll ;-).  Feels like a “knightly accolade” for me. By the way he will arrange an appointment in Hamburg for us. We are still looking for new venues to play…. Back to the event. Full house and a great mood in the audience although it was hard for some friends of classical music to listen to heavy metal stuff as well as the ancient stuff presented on flute or cello for the Rock ‘n Rollers. But whhat this evening made unique was the diversity and the way the musicians presented their stuff. And at last it was the passion that communicated the great world of black and white music….

What I missed as a photographer (I made some portrait shots of the musicians for their private albums – sorry, no postings permitted – I promised that) was some more light from the front… Here one shot a friend of mine made of me and two no-portrait-shots where I tried to play with the rest of light that was available 😉

Heron’s Breakfast in the Marsh…

August 13., after sunrise

I made a lot of photos this morning. The first series I successfully tried was a panorama stitch of 5 photos (you can find it as header  on my “something about me”.  There was no wind and  I thought to myself that some beautiful backlight would give me a chance to make some good shots in the marsh. There I tried my first HDR photo – successfully *yay*.  When this work was done I entered my car to continue my photo scavenger hunt  – and then – I discovered a flock of herons in the marsh. One of them was not that far away so that I could – just – better said – hardly – capture him with my 70-300mm lens.

Yesterday and today

Autumn is arriving now with giant steps. It was raining all the days what means that’s  a good time to settle down on WordPress and checking out the files that are waiting on my harddrive to be sifted.  OK , I started to look at this folder again yesterday in the late evening while the rain was pattering on the window and I made a discovery…  When I checked out this folder the first time immediately after my shootings  in August I selected the first and posted it to Vox (r.i.p.). But Yesterday I realized that I had a complete “heron’s breakfast” on my harddrive and started to crop and edit three photos and posted them here without any comments and went to sleep *yawning*… After I woke up *still yawning* I decided to make it complete (adding shot #4 and 5), then an intermission *growl* – take a shower – bring my love to the railway station (I’m in urgent need of the car, the weather is much better for some – I don’t dare to articulate…) and then some household chores *sic* while my entry is still waiting to be completed.

I made it

Now to Hamburg – Rock ‘n Roll!!!! *vrooooom*

Sooooo fine….

…. that my new computer works again. Here's a test – made in Photoshop CS 4. Enjoy

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Day # 89

There was a reason for us to go to Berlin.

Peter Gabriel is on tour. The last time I lived to see him I was that amazed and it was clear for me: Whatever he will do when he's back on the road again I want to see him on stage. OK his idea for this project was first to cover songs from musical friends and his friends cover his songs. then came the idea to make it with no band but an orchestra…. Suddenly I found a ticket-alarm in my e-mail box and ordered some at the same time without knowing what he'll do on stage. But I was sure it will be great!!! The confirmation of reservation arrived me a few minutes later. HOOORAY FOR THE WEB!!!! Now we had time enough to organize the rest to make it a fine event for us: a few days in our capitol (that I didn't see since 37 years)….

By the way the tour is very short: Paris (1), Berlin (2), London (2), and – I hope you'll get some tickets cause these ones will follow – New York, Radio City Music Hall (2), Montreal (1) and L A, Hollywood Bowl (2).. If you have a chance you should get some…..

Here's a short fan-video I found on youtube that another fan made. I think it makes some impressions what happens on stage. By the way he performed for 3 hours and no second was boring!!!!!!! It was one of the greatest concerts I lived to see in my life.

                            Now we are waiting for a DVD – hoping that it will be released sometimes…

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Day # 61

"Valle Gran Rey – A Video"

Some of my friends and neighbors may remember that I promised some months ago that a video of my song Valle Gran Rey will be created. My friend has a lot of scenes he made on this wonderful little canary island called "La Gomera" not that far away from the Coast of North West Africa. He made a story board of it but still didn't edit the scenes due to our music. When I posted that song added by a photo stream he was moved to make his job at the "flatbed editor". So sad that it had to be reduced to 50 MB at maximum so that the quality of the sound and the pictures is not that good.  Believe me the original is much better! Anyway, here it is…..

Enjoy it

Meanwhile we've reached to show it in a  much better quality! The above shown video is an actual edit: Valle Gran Rey in HD on youtube. I think now it's ok. Have fun – and change your headphones 😉

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Day # 60

A whiff of spring sunlight that reached my living room made it possible to switch out the flashlight for this shot. It made me feel spring will arrive on seven-league boots!!!

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Day # 55

r u m m a g i n g

i n   m y   f i l e s

f o r   s o m e

s p r i n g !

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Day # 41

8:30 a.m.: We got some more snow at night

… have a look over the shoulder of the engineman

After waiting for an e-mail with some attachments (my photos I made with a Nikon D 60) for some days and to buy some strings for my basses I decided to make a litte tour to Stade to visit my friend. By the way PS 4 was waiting to be installed to my computer I believed. No that was a dream, I still have to wait until next weekend (keep on dreaming Real)… OK I got the photos and – as to be feared – my best one was a bit to dark and a lot of things more were to do with it….. here you see 1.000.000 steps reduced to 4!

Fliegende HaareFliegende Haare 1Fliegende Haare 2Fliegende Haare 3Fliegende Haare 4

from the left to the right: the original (tooo dark!) and afterwards the 4 edits I made later at home. The result of the tonal value editing I made in Stade looked like a shreddered photo (oops), so I had to start again when I was at home (ugh)…

Next shots I made on my way home…

near by the railway station

iced carriage

OMG the sky tries to change the color – from grey-grey to blue-grey (sic.)

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Photo Quest #64

The following shots were made within 10 minutes in a little village 35 miles northwest of Hamburg

5:33 p.m.

5:34 p.m.

5:37 p.m.

5:42 p.m.


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One sight, one shot every month……

Now time has come to add the last picture to this post. The change in nature  has been shown a whole year long with a look out of one window – always the same sight. This is the very last look for me indeed 'cause the house we lived together since we met us has to be sold now. And – some of you know it – we moved….

Last year in october I purchased a Panasonic DMC FS 3 to make some photos. A few days later it came into my mind to make a one years cyclus that I titled "A look out of a window once a month". When I saw how nature exploded I took three of the photos and posted them here. A friend of mine gave me the idea to keep on posting my shot due to this theme. That's why this series is dedicated to my friend Manuela who invited me to vox…Forgot my camera in my new flat – the August-photo will follow tomorrow.

Thank you Manuela, you made my life more colorful as it already was. I had a lot of joy doing this. Thanks to all who have been with me!

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First tulips…

in the surroundings of Hamburg…


… and an overstressed honey bee





if it looks like that

that's the end of that


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Heralds of spring…..

Sprouting snowdrops…
although it's
still oppressively
drab in grey…
Do you feel
the spring
by easy stages?

I do 🙂

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