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… to fulfill my tagword…

Seems that I forgot that I wanted to feed not only your eyes but also your ears with some stuff. I once posted some videos and photo-streams of my songs on When I realized that these files have been gone to kingdom come when I transferred my files to WordPress I said to myself: “why not rebuild them?” … Then I thought to myself: “Why should you take the same stuff while we are working on a remix of one song and add it with some new material to create a new video?” We are still on the way to remix “Valle Gran Rey” and make a new video of it. The next one should be “Cacatua Bar”. For my song “Your Crossroads” I’m in need of some (a lot of!) new video material to create a video at all. But there was one little piece of music that never has been enriched with some video material. So I found me some of the photos I posted here since I started to blog here, created a little photo-stream and activated a new YouTube account to post it to you

… et voila, here it is …

I really hope for you that….

… time is by your side. I’m in urgent need to recreate now! Next week the days will be very long for me. Usually I can spend my time to recover in the evening hours – not so next week:

Monday (and I’m only talking about the evenings now!):  preparing for some photosessions I’ll have together with my friend and some models (some special shootings we’ll make in a studio)…

Tuesday:  Meeting with my guys for our new project “The Formerly Unknown” we’re starting now and it will be finished December ’11 (my job is the musical leadership and coaching the bands)!

Wednesday: last rehearsal for the “Easy Moving” Jubilee Concert

Thursday: Last rehearsal for my band “Blackout” for the Saturday Showcase at New Music School

Friday: Preparing for Saturday

Saturday:  Showcase at NMS in the afternoon (3 hrs.) and Easy Moving Jubilée Concert in the evening

Sunday: I’ll be dead 😉

I’ll try to stay tuned – See ya! … and have a nice Halloween Weekend!!!

one more shoot I made yesterday (a little “encore”)

… one attempt of a HDR at the very early morning in my hometown at the railway station

and another one of the famous Bacardi works that supplies Europe and the eastern world with rum and whisky…

NMS Concert

… last saturday we had an event at the “Neue Musikschule” (new music school) in my hometown, where the audience lived to see various kind of styles how you can express in music. It was a teachers’ concert where some of the music teachers present their favorite music. By the way a cello teacher told me that we opened his ears for Rock ‘n Roll ;-).  Feels like a “knightly accolade” for me. By the way he will arrange an appointment in Hamburg for us. We are still looking for new venues to play…. Back to the event. Full house and a great mood in the audience although it was hard for some friends of classical music to listen to heavy metal stuff as well as the ancient stuff presented on flute or cello for the Rock ‘n Rollers. But whhat this evening made unique was the diversity and the way the musicians presented their stuff. And at last it was the passion that communicated the great world of black and white music….

What I missed as a photographer (I made some portrait shots of the musicians for their private albums – sorry, no postings permitted – I promised that) was some more light from the front… Here one shot a friend of mine made of me and two no-portrait-shots where I tried to play with the rest of light that was available 😉

Day # 128 – My first photos I made on a live performance

Some words from Kari Bremnes (from her myspace site)

"I was born in Svolvær in Lofoten on a December Sunday in 1956.

The West fjord ran straight into the Atlantic, the mountains rose straight out of the ocean, there were summers filled with light and there was the mythical dark season. It was there I got intrigued by dynamics. And by large open spaces.

We saw the big coastal ships arrive and depart twice a day, one northbound and one southbound; Svolvær is located on an island, you know – Austvågøy, right in an eternal arrival and departure. Perhaps this is why ve made so many songs about travelling.

Thanks to a big brother whose friend ordered records from England, it didn't take long before I started listening to Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, Donovan, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan. Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention. Virtually all the time. I didn't think of becoming a professional musician, people in Svolvær were engaged on different forms of physical labour.

But as a nineteen-year-old I was ready for a different life and took the Skutvik ferry across the West fjord, the bus across Hamarøy, the train from Fauske to Trondheim, and finally the train to Oslo – I've always been drawn to cities. We're talking about the year 1977. Here I took lessons with an actor and worked in a psychiatric hospital while wondering what do to next. Gradually I started studying and obtained a B.A. consisting of Nordic language and literature, history and theatre studies.

I was a poor student. My focus was on music. The songs were queueing in my head. While they waited to exit I made a recording together with Ola, after epoch-making meetings with Erik Bye and Otto Nielsen at NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). At the same time I worked as a journalist, first at Nationen, then in the culture department of Aftenposten.

The year 1986 turned out to be a turning-point for me. I had asked the composer Petter Henriksen if he could set music to some of Tove Ditlefsen's finest poems. It turned out to be som unbelievably powerful songs. I first made a radio programme about Ditlefsen and used the songs in that programme. Then I asked for a meeting with Erik Hillestad, director of the record company Kirkelig Kulturverksted, in order to publish them as a record. No, thank you, said Erik. More than once. Eventually he said yes. We went to a studio that autumn, with Iver and Audun Kleive. My Wild Heart. My first solo album. I still remember the dizzy feeling.

The rest is discography, great experiences with fantastic musicians, meeting with the audience. Tours. Across Norway, across Japan (a surrealistic experience lasting five weeks), Germany, France, Austria.

The rest is the road forward."

               … and here some of my photos of an amazing singer and her unique musicians…

                                                                 Hallgrim Bratberg (guitar and vocals)  

Sondre Meisfjord (bass and vocals)

Helge Norbakken (drums and percussion)

Bengt E. Hansen (keys & vocals)

Kari Bremnes (the voice)

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Day # 125

"…Hello Mr. Hastedt,

You already have a ticket to the concert? Photography is not a problem – the first three songs without a flash. I will file a  photo permission for you at the entrance.

With best wishes from Bremen….(name)"

This is the text of an e-mail that reached my inbox a few minutes ago. It will be the first time I tried to get a permission to make some legal shoots on a concert with an SLR – and I was successful!!!

By the way it's the sold out German tour of the norwegian singer Kari Bremnes. Her work is worth to be listened to! Her last concert was one of the best gigs I lived to see in my life. Here a live recording from somewhere in Germany.  Enjoy it!!!

I'll be back later when the job has been done 😉 …

See Ya!

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Day # 113

I have to make some exercises…

to all of you…

a sunny weekend!!!!

… shot yesterday while making a recording session…

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Day # 89

There was a reason for us to go to Berlin.

Peter Gabriel is on tour. The last time I lived to see him I was that amazed and it was clear for me: Whatever he will do when he's back on the road again I want to see him on stage. OK his idea for this project was first to cover songs from musical friends and his friends cover his songs. then came the idea to make it with no band but an orchestra…. Suddenly I found a ticket-alarm in my e-mail box and ordered some at the same time without knowing what he'll do on stage. But I was sure it will be great!!! The confirmation of reservation arrived me a few minutes later. HOOORAY FOR THE WEB!!!! Now we had time enough to organize the rest to make it a fine event for us: a few days in our capitol (that I didn't see since 37 years)….

By the way the tour is very short: Paris (1), Berlin (2), London (2), and – I hope you'll get some tickets cause these ones will follow – New York, Radio City Music Hall (2), Montreal (1) and L A, Hollywood Bowl (2).. If you have a chance you should get some…..

Here's a short fan-video I found on youtube that another fan made. I think it makes some impressions what happens on stage. By the way he performed for 3 hours and no second was boring!!!!!!! It was one of the greatest concerts I lived to see in my life.

                            Now we are waiting for a DVD – hoping that it will be released sometimes…

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Day # 61

"Valle Gran Rey – A Video"

Some of my friends and neighbors may remember that I promised some months ago that a video of my song Valle Gran Rey will be created. My friend has a lot of scenes he made on this wonderful little canary island called "La Gomera" not that far away from the Coast of North West Africa. He made a story board of it but still didn't edit the scenes due to our music. When I posted that song added by a photo stream he was moved to make his job at the "flatbed editor". So sad that it had to be reduced to 50 MB at maximum so that the quality of the sound and the pictures is not that good.  Believe me the original is much better! Anyway, here it is…..

Enjoy it

Meanwhile we've reached to show it in a  much better quality! The above shown video is an actual edit: Valle Gran Rey in HD on youtube. I think now it's ok. Have fun – and change your headphones 😉

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Day # 50

                                                    what's up dawg?

Why don't you send us packing out of the laundry? Why do you shave your skull? Why's the corridor full of basses and equipment? What about your

handheld? It nervs!!!! What does it mean – ringtone? We want the silence back! Some strange gear in your handbag – you never use to wear it if you go out! Gig? What's that? Take care of your ears (tinnitus!) but play loooud! Arena?? WHAT??? It's a venue? What's that? Whatever – we don't care what you do but don't forget our yum yum before you leave us!!! You got it, Servant?! OMG "Blackout" – some hard rockin' stuff – too loud for us!! OK ok – enjoy your show and say "hi" to the guys – particularly your guitarist and tell him – and the drummer too – they shouldn't play too loud 'cause the singer will lose his voice while trying to bear up! And be so kind as to perform the song "Don't let the bed bugs bite!" You got it SERVANT????? Have a good time, don't forget your slogan "Don't play drunk" and welcome back (if you're not too noisy when you arrive. We need to sleep)…..

                                                see ya!

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Day # 33 “Goooood Mooooorning Fellas!!!!!!”

Holy crap. I woke up tooo early this morning. Our kitties terrorized us 'cause they thought to be a bit hungry.

Wanna say it seemed to be like that but not a bit of it. We think it was an act of vengeance 'cause we visited the vet yesterday in the evening. She told us while admiring our 2 little ladies that she's temporarely cockering up a sick cormorant. No wonder 'cause there's much ice on the lakes and rivers here in lower saxony and the cormorants that don't live ashore have huge problems to catch the fish they need. And they need a lot of it! 

Back to kittens' declaration of war. Well the silence in the night was quiet suspicious and we had a few hours to rest but at 4 a. m. the punk started and we had no f****n' chance to close an eye. So we gave up and participated after we realized that they were not hungry. They loved it to be chased by us and when the blood in our veins was on working temperature they decided to relax. 'Cause we are well organized the coffee was ready and we were prepared to start a new day.

For me it means to organize an appointment with the photogroup I was in last year before I started voxing. I haven't seen my friend – he's the one who leads the group – a looong long time because I changed some jobs so I don't have to travel so much and that's the reason I've not been in his town the last five months. So it was time to meet him 'cause PS 4 is waiting for me (yayyyyy, can make some masks then)…

The appointment can be tomorrow and it's quiet nice to do it that day 'cause I have an appointment with "go for 2's" (our) lawyer. He posted us that he had heard some "Cacatua Bar" of us on TV. He asked us whether we've got some license fees for the broadcast and he's sure that it was our composition. I'll check it out tomorrow.

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One weekend and 600 miles…..

                                                                 The "Crazy Cafe" in Worpswede

What do you do when you have bought two concert-tickets for a Tony Levin concert in Hamburg and then realize that you have no time for it because you already have two tickets for "Simply Red" at the same night???!! …Sell them and have a little trip to Münster – 250 kilometers – to see what happens when Tony Levin plays at the "Hot Jazz Club". We were lucky to get some tickets for this concert 'cause this venue is very small (and similar to the legendary "Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall" in Hamburg where I lived to see a.o. the first concerts of Al Jarreau in the late 70's, Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metheney, Eberhard Weber, Lester Bowie, Helen Schneider, Albert Collins and many others…). OK the "Autobahn" from Hamburg to Bremen is a construction area at once. So we had to find another way and got the chance to make a stop at Worpswede, a well known artist colony where the sculptor Bernhard Hoetger built this house you see on the photo above, now it's a cafe and restaurant. We spent an hour to drink one of the best espressos of my life (even the italian can't brew it better!!!!)…


Bernhard Hoetgers sculpture "Bigwig Of Humor"

So good we booked a hotel in Münster. We had the chance to relax after an eight hour trip to Germany's "Bicycle City". After visiting a little chinese restaurant we went down to the harbor of Münster where the "Hot Jazz Club" was situated. Nice sorroundings indeed 😉

The entranceThe audience still outsideAnd inside

What we lived to see was an undiscribable concert of three guys who obviously had a lot of fun. To have a little impression we got to listen to have an ear to the following audio

for those who know Tony Levin as a versatile musician no further comments, for the others some words of Peter Gabriel about him: "He's the king of the bottom end, the emperor of the bass guitar". And for me his work made me move to go on practising on the upright bass (I love that instrument)… By the the way he played with James Taylor, Lou Reed, Liquid Tension (the core of Dream Theater), King Crimson and – of course – Peter Gabriel (since 1986 or so)…..

                                                       (from the left to the right) The artist and the muff 😉

After a great concert and a night at the hotel we had a few hours left to have a sightseeing tour in Münster. I loved the relaxed athmosphere in this city you don't need a car to conquere it – take a bicycle!!! There's no better place to use it in germany!!!!

Münster City PanoramaP1020501P1020495P1020490P1020505P1020504P1020511P1020502P1020487P1020513

" ….Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn… Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand…."

                                                                  back home again


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