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Mug Shot of Tony… and sth. ’bout the last week

… and a portrait of her and her sister Kari – our housemates…

… and something about last week..

I survived

these long and hard days and nights. Well the one who saved me was my friend – the photographer – who cancelled two jobs he asked me to be with to assist him.  So my time schedule was not that tight.  At least the “Easy Moving” Session was wonderful. We played more than four hours and I met a lot of old friends I didn’t see for years at that event. It was a fine place to reactivate good old contacts without talking about things like “Once upon a time in the stone age” 😉

It was worth that to practise and make rehearsals for that event  – f. eks. I played my upright bass on “Riders On The Storm”. I know that this sounds good (different!) but the audience was surprised about that sound – they loved it – for lots of them it was a new experience – and I was asked to play in another band what means MORE  GIGS!!!  And I love to play live on stage ’cause that’s the place where music really happens  not on i-tunes 😉

So clear that we’ll make it again – next year


Here you can see the place where it happened (at the center of the image that follows)

Some more shots will follow when and if I receive the photos a guy made on the event (and I feel they’ll be great)…

It don’t mean a thing…

… if it’s hot, cold, sunshine or rain don’t care – be prepared

… the main thing is that we have some weather

… there is not bad weather but inconvenient clothing 

… any light can be gorgeous. If it’s not for you then it’s your mind

… I love all colors of FALL

and if I can’t stand the weather ’cause I forgot my rubber boots (HI Lav!) and my “Frisian Mink”  – a term we use  for oilskin jackets here in Northern Germany (even Bavarians know that *lol*) – I love to go “photoshopping” . You pay once for your life – viewed in this light – worth the money…

bon nuit, good night, god natt, gute nacht…

sleep tight…

and don’t let the bed bugs bite…

((hugs)) 😉


Day # 113

I have to make some exercises…

to all of you…

a sunny weekend!!!!

… shot yesterday while making a recording session…

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Day # 73/74


It was 3:00 p.m. when the postman ringed my bell to deliver something I was waiting for about 10 days: my new Nikon D 5000 and Nikkor AS-F 18 – 105 mm lens. I was not in best condition 'cause I broke one of my ribs a few hours ago (OMFG that hurts) but nevermind – I unpacked the equipment and prepared it to make my first shot: Load up the accu, insert it and the memory card too, chose the automatic mode and made my first shots of one of my fave-models: Kari….


After a night full of aches it came into my mind to check out some arnica to keep the pain under control – and it become much better at once and it made me feel that life is worth to be lived again. OK action. I was quite sure that the photos I shot are quite good concerning the quality – as I expected. But what I lived to see on our lappy's screen was a bit surprising. After I read so much about photographing in the automatic mode (and that was not the best you may read in fact) I was really amazed about the results. The following shots gave me an advice what may happen when I know a little bit more about my new baby!!!!

                  Both shots are made in automatic mode; f = 105 mm, aperture = 5.6,  800 ASA and 1/60 sec

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