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Andre Sobo Band

live @ Harburger Binnenhafenfest

I really hope for you that….

… time is by your side. I’m in urgent need to recreate now! Next week the days will be very long for me. Usually I can spend my time to recover in the evening hours – not so next week:

Monday (and I’m only talking about the evenings now!):  preparing for some photosessions I’ll have together with my friend and some models (some special shootings we’ll make in a studio)…

Tuesday:  Meeting with my guys for our new project “The Formerly Unknown” we’re starting now and it will be finished December ’11 (my job is the musical leadership and coaching the bands)!

Wednesday: last rehearsal for the “Easy Moving” Jubilee Concert

Thursday: Last rehearsal for my band “Blackout” for the Saturday Showcase at New Music School

Friday: Preparing for Saturday

Saturday:  Showcase at NMS in the afternoon (3 hrs.) and Easy Moving Jubilée Concert in the evening

Sunday: I’ll be dead 😉

I’ll try to stay tuned – See ya! … and have a nice Halloween Weekend!!!

one more shoot I made yesterday (a little “encore”)

… one attempt of a HDR at the very early morning in my hometown at the railway station

and another one of the famous Bacardi works that supplies Europe and the eastern world with rum and whisky…

Something About Still Life Photography

Last Wednesday I started to create a concept for our common homepage (one of my tasks). I drove to Stade to present my ideas I had to my friend but he was sidetracked by so many “important” things so that I wasted my time waiting for him… Wasting time – not my thing! I discovered some nice accessories to create some still life arrangements

The rest of the story: No results except of a “Sorry that I had no time for you, but I had a lot of things to do” from my friend.  So why did I spend my time to drive to Stade? For nothing? Ooooooh no!

– I have some new ideas to make some still life photography and the first two of them I wanna share with no one else but you!

– I’ll do more for myself (and believe me I’m selfish – NOT!).

– I’ll create my own homepage

Et Voilà! – here are my attempts

#1 “Big Brother Is Watching You”

# 2 “Views Of Application Photos”

a sunny and colorful weekend to all of you!

I lay down on the ground….

… I remembered that this  was a title I used last year in the spring at Vox…

and that’s a way to find some new perspectives…

have a nice weekend!

Heron’s Breakfast in the Marsh…

August 13., after sunrise

I made a lot of photos this morning. The first series I successfully tried was a panorama stitch of 5 photos (you can find it as header  on my “something about me”.  There was no wind and  I thought to myself that some beautiful backlight would give me a chance to make some good shots in the marsh. There I tried my first HDR photo – successfully *yay*.  When this work was done I entered my car to continue my photo scavenger hunt  – and then – I discovered a flock of herons in the marsh. One of them was not that far away so that I could – just – better said – hardly – capture him with my 70-300mm lens.

Yesterday and today

Autumn is arriving now with giant steps. It was raining all the days what means that’s  a good time to settle down on WordPress and checking out the files that are waiting on my harddrive to be sifted.  OK , I started to look at this folder again yesterday in the late evening while the rain was pattering on the window and I made a discovery…  When I checked out this folder the first time immediately after my shootings  in August I selected the first and posted it to Vox (r.i.p.). But Yesterday I realized that I had a complete “heron’s breakfast” on my harddrive and started to crop and edit three photos and posted them here without any comments and went to sleep *yawning*… After I woke up *still yawning* I decided to make it complete (adding shot #4 and 5), then an intermission *growl* – take a shower – bring my love to the railway station (I’m in urgent need of the car, the weather is much better for some – I don’t dare to articulate…) and then some household chores *sic* while my entry is still waiting to be completed.

I made it

Now to Hamburg – Rock ‘n Roll!!!! *vrooooom*

Photo Quest # 98


After a feedback from Maureen (thanks again) I decided not to make any edits in Photoshop like saturation, aperture, colors and lights and depths. … and I used the automatic modus for white balance on my camera. I think its the best to use these tools again when I purchased a screen that shows some better light and colors.

OK, the first ones I made on friday at noon. This orchid lives in the flat of my love's mother. It was very hot so she asked me not to let the sunshine in to make the shots. So the natural light was damped by white curtains. I didn't change the aperture and I used F/9 and ISO 400.

# 1 = 1/60 sec

# 2 = 1/50 sec.

# 3 = 1/40 sec.

# 4 = 1/40 sec.,    flash = 1/16

Then I was outside (damned it was sooooo hot). I set priorities on shutter time to shoot some action photos when daddy stork will arrive the nest to deliver some food for his kids. I was waiting more than one hour but he didn't arrive at that time. I had to give up 'cause we had an appointment with our friends to see a great soccer game (Argentina vs. Germany)…

f = 300 mm

What shall we do after this breathtaking match? BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't believe it but our team is still in the match!


Hi Maureen, please have patience… My Photo Quest # 97 entry will arrive the next days. It has something to do with soccer… 😉


I used the same settings on my camera:

ISO 200
f = 300 mm
white balance: shade

The first one was made at 6:00 a.m.  Here I added some sharpness (CS 4) and the second one at 7:30 a.m. (no edits)



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…. could be anywhere…

… but these ones I made somewhere in the city of Hamburg

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Day # 145 “See The Difference”

                                                                     automatic modus

92 mm, F/13, 1/50 sec., ISO 400

75 mm, F/5.6, 1/4000 sec., ISO 1600

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Day # 75

Can't stand it anymore without editing my photos. My computer is still in the hospital and my new camera delivers a lot of new photos. It's sooooo fast – compare to my little one – so that I'm really lucky now even to shoot portraits of my little eddy wind "Tony" without adjusting any settings on the camera – I just took the easiest way, I selected the preset for portraits. Here I had some backlight and Tony usually is to be seen as a silhouette, but the flashlight makes some nice results and it made me remember the running quest 😉 My entry for it will appear – later…. OH once there was a quest about "white balance" I loved to be with but couldn't when it ran. I will scroll back to it – and to other ones – to make some entries in the near future.

@ editing

Usually I'm posting photos after I edited them. Temporarly the only thing I'm doing is cropping them 'cause I don't have any screen to gage the quality of my shots. We decided to purchase a new screen that is good enough to check out the quality of my new sources. My admin supports me to find some efficient device for me and my new tasks.

As long as my equipment is not completed I'll post some unedited photos and will  hand the edited shots in later…

and here is my little diva "Tony"

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Day # 73/74


It was 3:00 p.m. when the postman ringed my bell to deliver something I was waiting for about 10 days: my new Nikon D 5000 and Nikkor AS-F 18 – 105 mm lens. I was not in best condition 'cause I broke one of my ribs a few hours ago (OMFG that hurts) but nevermind – I unpacked the equipment and prepared it to make my first shot: Load up the accu, insert it and the memory card too, chose the automatic mode and made my first shots of one of my fave-models: Kari….


After a night full of aches it came into my mind to check out some arnica to keep the pain under control – and it become much better at once and it made me feel that life is worth to be lived again. OK action. I was quite sure that the photos I shot are quite good concerning the quality – as I expected. But what I lived to see on our lappy's screen was a bit surprising. After I read so much about photographing in the automatic mode (and that was not the best you may read in fact) I was really amazed about the results. The following shots gave me an advice what may happen when I know a little bit more about my new baby!!!!

                  Both shots are made in automatic mode; f = 105 mm, aperture = 5.6,  800 ASA and 1/60 sec

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