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Original and Fake

I had some fun in the web and Photoshop what I wanna share with you

left: the original image by PhotoFunia (me on the t-shirt)                  right: edited by me


… and one more (with Tony and Kari, our cats)

here I made some color edits too

She’s a Sweety…

Lots of RAW’s a waiting to be checked and assorted. I spent some time for this work today in the afternoon after I made a last rehearsal for the upcoming concert next weekend (no time to blog then  😦  …)
In a bunch of unsorted RAW files I found this photo of Kari, one of our three cats. She’s  most photogenic  of our  babes.  It’s one of the many shots I  made of her with my 70-300mm lens  a few weeks ago on our terrace… Some correction of white balance, saturation and  a little bit “correction” of the colors and some gaussian blur filter for the background  I had to make to accentuate  her beautiful face…
All of you who are passing by a wonderful and sunny weekend!
… and may the light be with you 😉

my therapists ;-)