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It don’t mean a thing…

… if it’s hot, cold, sunshine or rain don’t care – be prepared

… the main thing is that we have some weather

… there is not bad weather but inconvenient clothing 

… any light can be gorgeous. If it’s not for you then it’s your mind

… I love all colors of FALL

and if I can’t stand the weather ’cause I forgot my rubber boots (HI Lav!) and my “Frisian Mink”  – a term we use  for oilskin jackets here in Northern Germany (even Bavarians know that *lol*) – I love to go “photoshopping” . You pay once for your life – viewed in this light – worth the money…

bon nuit, good night, god natt, gute nacht…

sleep tight…

and don’t let the bed bugs bite…

((hugs)) 😉


Photo Quest #102

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Photo Quest # 99 Show me some bokeh….

This one I shot with my Nikon D 5000/Nikkor AF-SX 18-105 mm setup

f =105mm
1/400 sec.
ISO 200

My mom asked me to make some pictures from her cherry tree. Not that much bokeh but I was quite surprized when I saw the printed version of the shot 'cause there is a wonderful 3 D effect to see.

… and this shot I made in february last year with my point and shoot camera, a Panasonic DMC 3 FS. Yes, you can dreate some creamcheese bokeh with a p&s too 😉

f = 16 mm
1/60 sec.
ISO 100

… now one that shows some Hollywood bokeh…

f = 105 mm
1/200 sec.
ISO 1600
(OMG it was that dark in the shade)
flash = 1/4

… and now you see the same scene with different settings. You'll see that the higher the aperture is the less creamcheese bokeh you'll get…

f = 105 mm

1/500 sec.
ISO 800

f = 105 mm

ISO 200

f = 75 mm
1/1000 sec.
ISO 200

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Photo Quest # 98


After a feedback from Maureen (thanks again) I decided not to make any edits in Photoshop like saturation, aperture, colors and lights and depths. … and I used the automatic modus for white balance on my camera. I think its the best to use these tools again when I purchased a screen that shows some better light and colors.

OK, the first ones I made on friday at noon. This orchid lives in the flat of my love's mother. It was very hot so she asked me not to let the sunshine in to make the shots. So the natural light was damped by white curtains. I didn't change the aperture and I used F/9 and ISO 400.

# 1 = 1/60 sec

# 2 = 1/50 sec.

# 3 = 1/40 sec.

# 4 = 1/40 sec.,    flash = 1/16

Then I was outside (damned it was sooooo hot). I set priorities on shutter time to shoot some action photos when daddy stork will arrive the nest to deliver some food for his kids. I was waiting more than one hour but he didn't arrive at that time. I had to give up 'cause we had an appointment with our friends to see a great soccer game (Argentina vs. Germany)…

f = 300 mm

What shall we do after this breathtaking match? BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't believe it but our team is still in the match!


Hi Maureen, please have patience… My Photo Quest # 97 entry will arrive the next days. It has something to do with soccer… 😉


I used the same settings on my camera:

ISO 200
f = 300 mm
white balance: shade

The first one was made at 6:00 a.m.  Here I added some sharpness (CS 4) and the second one at 7:30 a.m. (no edits)



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Two Faces

I made these ones just before I created my own avatar for Photo Quest # 93
(some exercises on CS4)

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Photo Quest # 93

# 1 – a self portrait (I made it 2 weeks ago)

# 2 – my avatar

…. and how I made it:

First I pushed up lightness and contrasts so that a lot of nuances of the original were destructed. Then I edited the colors, then I played with gradation. That looked very strange afterwards – like a negative. The next step was creating a b&w, then back again to gradation curve until I found some more "natural" look *lol*. Last not least I used a filter called oil painting…

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Day # 39

I'm still waiting for the magic light. Here it's grey grey boring grey. Had a visit of a plumber an hour ago 'cause our conduit was frozen and we had no water. We were outside without any shower! That sucks. Meanwhile the work is done and now I feel like a human being again…. Hope the weather will change so that I can catch some sunny moods outside when we drive to mir sister to celebrate her 50th anniversary. The landscape in the surrounding seem to be boring but seen with another eye it's amazing – especially in winter… We'll see. What else happened? Nothing to get excited about. Spent the time to make some exercises in Photoshop (layers) to color my life…. That's it!

                                I sent our babies into a forest in Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway 😉

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Day # 29

Imagine it's cold outside, snowy, the sky is boring grey and there's a vox group called Photo Quest. The work has been done and I already practised on bass and vocals for a new song – and there is some time left until we celebrate a cosy evening at a greek restaurant.

What shall I do? Go "photoshopping" with Kari    😉

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