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Original and Fake

I had some fun in the web and Photoshop what I wanna share with you

left: the original image by PhotoFunia (me on the t-shirt)                  right: edited by me


… and one more (with Tony and Kari, our cats)

here I made some color edits too

I really hope for you that….

… time is by your side. I’m in urgent need to recreate now! Next week the days will be very long for me. Usually I can spend my time to recover in the evening hours – not so next week:

Monday (and I’m only talking about the evenings now!):  preparing for some photosessions I’ll have together with my friend and some models (some special shootings we’ll make in a studio)…

Tuesday:  Meeting with my guys for our new project “The Formerly Unknown” we’re starting now and it will be finished December ’11 (my job is the musical leadership and coaching the bands)!

Wednesday: last rehearsal for the “Easy Moving” Jubilee Concert

Thursday: Last rehearsal for my band “Blackout” for the Saturday Showcase at New Music School

Friday: Preparing for Saturday

Saturday:  Showcase at NMS in the afternoon (3 hrs.) and Easy Moving Jubilée Concert in the evening

Sunday: I’ll be dead 😉

I’ll try to stay tuned – See ya! … and have a nice Halloween Weekend!!!

one more shoot I made yesterday (a little “encore”)

… one attempt of a HDR at the very early morning in my hometown at the railway station

and another one of the famous Bacardi works that supplies Europe and the eastern world with rum and whisky…

It don’t mean a thing…

… if it’s hot, cold, sunshine or rain don’t care – be prepared

… the main thing is that we have some weather

… there is not bad weather but inconvenient clothing 

… any light can be gorgeous. If it’s not for you then it’s your mind

… I love all colors of FALL

and if I can’t stand the weather ’cause I forgot my rubber boots (HI Lav!) and my “Frisian Mink”  – a term we use  for oilskin jackets here in Northern Germany (even Bavarians know that *lol*) – I love to go “photoshopping” . You pay once for your life – viewed in this light – worth the money…

bon nuit, good night, god natt, gute nacht…

sleep tight…

and don’t let the bed bugs bite…

((hugs)) 😉


Something About Still Life Photography

Last Wednesday I started to create a concept for our common homepage (one of my tasks). I drove to Stade to present my ideas I had to my friend but he was sidetracked by so many “important” things so that I wasted my time waiting for him… Wasting time – not my thing! I discovered some nice accessories to create some still life arrangements

The rest of the story: No results except of a “Sorry that I had no time for you, but I had a lot of things to do” from my friend.  So why did I spend my time to drive to Stade? For nothing? Ooooooh no!

– I have some new ideas to make some still life photography and the first two of them I wanna share with no one else but you!

– I’ll do more for myself (and believe me I’m selfish – NOT!).

– I’ll create my own homepage

Et Voilà! – here are my attempts

#1 “Big Brother Is Watching You”

# 2 “Views Of Application Photos”

a sunny and colorful weekend to all of you!

Sooooo fine….

…. that my new computer works again. Here's a test – made in Photoshop CS 4. Enjoy

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…. could be anywhere…

… but these ones I made somewhere in the city of Hamburg

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Day # 145 “See The Difference”

                                                                     automatic modus

92 mm, F/13, 1/50 sec., ISO 400

75 mm, F/5.6, 1/4000 sec., ISO 1600

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Two Faces

I made these ones just before I created my own avatar for Photo Quest # 93
(some exercises on CS4)

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Photo Quest # 93

# 1 – a self portrait (I made it 2 weeks ago)

# 2 – my avatar

…. and how I made it:

First I pushed up lightness and contrasts so that a lot of nuances of the original were destructed. Then I edited the colors, then I played with gradation. That looked very strange afterwards – like a negative. The next step was creating a b&w, then back again to gradation curve until I found some more "natural" look *lol*. Last not least I used a filter called oil painting…

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Day # 110

Welcome to my harddisc Photoshop CS 4

# 1 installing the software

#2 … done…

# 3 … and it works on my computer *yippiiiiieeeee*

C'mon ladies & gents, let's go photoshopping 😉

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Day # 50

                                                    what's up dawg?

Why don't you send us packing out of the laundry? Why do you shave your skull? Why's the corridor full of basses and equipment? What about your

handheld? It nervs!!!! What does it mean – ringtone? We want the silence back! Some strange gear in your handbag – you never use to wear it if you go out! Gig? What's that? Take care of your ears (tinnitus!) but play loooud! Arena?? WHAT??? It's a venue? What's that? Whatever – we don't care what you do but don't forget our yum yum before you leave us!!! You got it, Servant?! OMG "Blackout" – some hard rockin' stuff – too loud for us!! OK ok – enjoy your show and say "hi" to the guys – particularly your guitarist and tell him – and the drummer too – they shouldn't play too loud 'cause the singer will lose his voice while trying to bear up! And be so kind as to perform the song "Don't let the bed bugs bite!" You got it SERVANT????? Have a good time, don't forget your slogan "Don't play drunk" and welcome back (if you're not too noisy when you arrive. We need to sleep)…..

                                                see ya!

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Day # 41

8:30 a.m.: We got some more snow at night

… have a look over the shoulder of the engineman

After waiting for an e-mail with some attachments (my photos I made with a Nikon D 60) for some days and to buy some strings for my basses I decided to make a litte tour to Stade to visit my friend. By the way PS 4 was waiting to be installed to my computer I believed. No that was a dream, I still have to wait until next weekend (keep on dreaming Real)… OK I got the photos and – as to be feared – my best one was a bit to dark and a lot of things more were to do with it….. here you see 1.000.000 steps reduced to 4!

Fliegende HaareFliegende Haare 1Fliegende Haare 2Fliegende Haare 3Fliegende Haare 4

from the left to the right: the original (tooo dark!) and afterwards the 4 edits I made later at home. The result of the tonal value editing I made in Stade looked like a shreddered photo (oops), so I had to start again when I was at home (ugh)…

Next shots I made on my way home…

near by the railway station

iced carriage

OMG the sky tries to change the color – from grey-grey to blue-grey (sic.)

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Day # 39

I'm still waiting for the magic light. Here it's grey grey boring grey. Had a visit of a plumber an hour ago 'cause our conduit was frozen and we had no water. We were outside without any shower! That sucks. Meanwhile the work is done and now I feel like a human being again…. Hope the weather will change so that I can catch some sunny moods outside when we drive to mir sister to celebrate her 50th anniversary. The landscape in the surrounding seem to be boring but seen with another eye it's amazing – especially in winter… We'll see. What else happened? Nothing to get excited about. Spent the time to make some exercises in Photoshop (layers) to color my life…. That's it!

                                I sent our babies into a forest in Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway 😉

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Day # 29

Imagine it's cold outside, snowy, the sky is boring grey and there's a vox group called Photo Quest. The work has been done and I already practised on bass and vocals for a new song – and there is some time left until we celebrate a cosy evening at a greek restaurant.

What shall I do? Go "photoshopping" with Kari    😉

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May I ask you for some tips

My idea is to create a header for my project "go for 2" and to involve you creative people who make such wonderful works here on vox ( only if you like to)…..

After I created the header for my vox-page my friend Olli asked me – after he had a look at it – to create one for our forthcoming homepage "" (still under construction). He did like the idea and the colors that – on his opinion – are matching to our music we make. For those who still don't know "go for 2" here is a song of us..

First I started to collect some photos out of my files, which reflect the mood of our music. I created my own tagwords that symbolize our music and that should be communicated by our header… These tagwords are: mood, no flash, universe, warmth, creation, joy, message, groove, harmony, love, awake, sense

Olli und Günni 12 x 12P1030252P1030220Sonnenuntergang Skagerak 2

… then I added our logo and some text (tagwords) and – after processing the photos with different tools on PSE – I created some layers: Here they are…

It was a great joy for me to discover what is possible to create with the toolbar and layers on PSE. I still had to work a lot with exposure, saturation, replacing colors, contrast etc. until everything was allright for me. My friend will visit me today in the evening and I'm sure we will have to discuss what could be made better. For the first

                                                                   this is my proposal

                              If you have any ideas or improvement suggestions give me some words…

                                      Thank you!

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