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May I ask you for some tips

My idea is to create a header for my project "go for 2" and to involve you creative people who make such wonderful works here on vox ( only if you like to)…..

After I created the header for my vox-page my friend Olli asked me – after he had a look at it – to create one for our forthcoming homepage "" (still under construction). He did like the idea and the colors that – on his opinion – are matching to our music we make. For those who still don't know "go for 2" here is a song of us..

First I started to collect some photos out of my files, which reflect the mood of our music. I created my own tagwords that symbolize our music and that should be communicated by our header… These tagwords are: mood, no flash, universe, warmth, creation, joy, message, groove, harmony, love, awake, sense

Olli und Günni 12 x 12P1030252P1030220Sonnenuntergang Skagerak 2

… then I added our logo and some text (tagwords) and – after processing the photos with different tools on PSE – I created some layers: Here they are…

It was a great joy for me to discover what is possible to create with the toolbar and layers on PSE. I still had to work a lot with exposure, saturation, replacing colors, contrast etc. until everything was allright for me. My friend will visit me today in the evening and I'm sure we will have to discuss what could be made better. For the first

                                                                   this is my proposal

                              If you have any ideas or improvement suggestions give me some words…

                                      Thank you!

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