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… you can see how trees survive the cold winter nights and days in Oslo ūüėČ


I lay down on the ground….

… I remembered that this¬† was a title I used last year in the spring at Vox…

and that’s a way to find some new perspectives…

have a nice weekend!

Heron’s Breakfast in the Marsh…

August 13., after sunrise

I made a lot of photos this morning. The first series I successfully tried was a panorama stitch of 5 photos (you can find it as header¬† on my “something about me”.¬† There was no wind and¬† I thought to myself that some beautiful backlight would give me a chance to make some good shots in the marsh. There I tried my first HDR photo – successfully *yay*.¬† When this work was done I entered my car to continue my photo scavenger hunt¬† – and then – I discovered a flock of herons in the marsh. One of them was not that far away so that I could – just – better said – hardly – capture him with my 70-300mm lens.

Yesterday and today

Autumn is arriving now with giant steps. It was raining all the days what means that’s¬† a good time to settle down on WordPress and checking out the files that are waiting on my harddrive to be sifted.¬† OK , I started to look at this folder again yesterday in the late evening while the rain was pattering on the window and I made a discovery…¬† When I checked out this folder the first time immediately after my shootings¬† in August I selected the first and posted it to Vox (r.i.p.). But Yesterday I realized that I had a complete “heron’s breakfast” on my harddrive and started to crop and edit three photos and posted them here without any comments and went to sleep *yawning*… After I woke up *still yawning* I decided to make it complete (adding shot #4 and 5), then an intermission *growl* – take a shower – bring my love to the railway station (I’m in urgent need of the car, the weather is much better for some – I don’t dare to articulate…) and then some household chores *sic* while my entry is still waiting to be completed.

I made it

Now to Hamburg – Rock ‘n Roll!!!! *vrooooom*

One sight, one shot every month…… once again!

Yes I do it again. Take some shots – they all will be done at noon – and show how nature will change within a year… et voil√° – here comes number 6

# 6 June

# 5 May

# 4 April

# 3 March

# 2 – Feburary

# 1 – January

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One sight, one shot every month……

Now time has come to add the last picture to this post. The change in nature  has been shown a whole year long with a look out of one window – always the same sight. This is the very last look for me indeed 'cause the house we lived together since we met us has to be sold now. And – some of you know it – we moved….

Last year in october I purchased a Panasonic DMC FS 3 to make some photos. A few days later it came into my mind to make a one years cyclus that I titled "A look out of a window once a month". When I saw how nature exploded I took three of the photos and posted them here. A friend of mine gave me the idea to keep on posting my shot due to this theme. That's why this series is dedicated to my friend Manuela who invited me to vox…Forgot my camera in my new flat – the August-photo will follow tomorrow.

Thank you Manuela, you made my life more colorful as it already was. I had a lot of joy doing this. Thanks to all who have been with me!

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