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Day # 61

"Valle Gran Rey – A Video"

Some of my friends and neighbors may remember that I promised some months ago that a video of my song Valle Gran Rey will be created. My friend has a lot of scenes he made on this wonderful little canary island called "La Gomera" not that far away from the Coast of North West Africa. He made a story board of it but still didn't edit the scenes due to our music. When I posted that song added by a photo stream he was moved to make his job at the "flatbed editor". So sad that it had to be reduced to 50 MB at maximum so that the quality of the sound and the pictures is not that good.  Believe me the original is much better! Anyway, here it is…..

Enjoy it

Meanwhile we've reached to show it in a  much better quality! The above shown video is an actual edit: Valle Gran Rey in HD on youtube. I think now it's ok. Have fun – and change your headphones 😉

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